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½ Price Majans Bhuja Mix Varieties $2 @ Woolworths


Bhuja mix all varieties on half price. Grab it while in stock.

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    I tell myself they're healthier than other snacks… so grab 'em whilst they're hot?

    • Same, but are they actually though?

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        Best not to find out

        • exactly

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      They're tasty but high in sodium

  • No idea how these taste, but look good

  • They were actually sweet. Had to get proper ones from an indian store

    • Originally Mix is not sweet. Out of all the Majans flavours, IMHO Original Mix is the best taste-wise. It goes great with tea or coffee as a snack.

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    Have tried all of them. Buy the “ Nut mix”. They are the best

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      My favourite is the cracker mix. Or the green peas only ones they used to have before.

    • No contest

  • Get the real thing (Bhujia) from the Indian supermarket. It tastes better than this westernised version

    • Second that.

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      Thanks for the tip..
      How does the price compare to $1/2 packs?

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      but would it taste better to a westerner also?

      Pretty sure I like the westernised version of butter chicken over authentic

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        You dont understand, taste is objective, its not the real version so you cant like it. Now excuse me while i eat my authentic japanese curry and hambagu.

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    Good price, but these are way too salty for me :(.

    • I agree, lately, they have become quite salty. A couple of years ago, the taste was very good but now I too find it salty. A few months ago, I purchased a few and found that some of the ones were not too salty and some were more. Not sure, whether their quality control is going downhill. The price is also going up steadily in the last few years.

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    I use to eat these branded ones but at Indian grocery next to Coles in Tarneit Shopping Centre on Leakes Roads, i found old school one…like we use to eat when we were kids in school (90s 10s) in India. Brand Name was “Grandmas”. Get that one if you can find.

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    Used to be $1.97 when previous half price.

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    Wish there were more crackers in the cracker one

  • Indian snack are tasty!

  • Sodium bomb

  • Should try Pea Mix. I really love it.

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