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[PC] Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War $66.63 @ Battle.net


All time lowest price.

Probably trying to combat a certain game that released today….

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    Whelp, guess I'll cancel my Cyberpunk pre-order.

  • Any chance someone can figure out a VPN trick to get this for less than AUD $66.33

    • Use a VPN to connect to Argentina
      Create a new battlenet account in Argentina
      Friend your main AU account
      Wait 3 days (Blizzard restriction)
      Buy the game as a "gift" for your AU account

      • How much would I end up paying?

        • Around $33 AUD it seems

          (Just to add - I'm not sure of the associated risks so that's something you'll have to assess)

          • @Ronson: Didn't work as cannot gift with that currency.
            I can however buy if for $33 using the account that i just created but I don't want that.
            Thanks anyways :)

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    This release is very underwhelming. Seems really half baked and buggy as hell. Not surprising that it’s already being discounted

    • The beta was enough for me and I can still remember blops4 was a waste of money

  • But if you VPN to US battlenet site, its only 39.99USD. Which is only $53.76 AUD. Anyone aware of issues purchasing from US on battlenet?

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      Was discussed recently with GOG.

      It probably is fine but there's obviously an element of risk, no matter the size, of doing it in your primary account.

      To save $13… I wouldn't. But each to their own.

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        Please hand in your OzBargain membership card.

        • good work u made me kek

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    Still annoyed they haven't put Modern Warfare on sale yet. Shows how much Cold War is struggling.

    • Modern Warfare had a similar discount (even lower, down to $60) all throughout most of December and January when it released.


      Doubt this has anything to do with poor sales and more with trying to get people into the ecosystem for the launch of the first season.

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    This game is so trash, it is a step backwards and uses the old COD engine, I honestly didn't enjoy it at all and have jumped back to MW and Warzone only lol.

    Seriously, stop releasing COD yearly and work on these games properly, chasing that $$$ which I get, but a bit dumb at times.

  • So what is the general consensus for this game?

    • Everyone else said what I was thinking. I wanted to like it, and I enjoy the campaign (when it doesnt crash) but MP is 100% a step back from MW2019

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    The general consensus has been rather poor, Its also due to multiple reasons that the (2021) title Black Ops is made by Treyarch whilst the (2020) title is made by Infinity Ward.

    The game plays very differently and its not so much a this is just a new update but its a whole new game which is extremely difficult for most people to accept since Warzone/Modern Warfare have this HUGE player base.

    In previous years people just picked up the new title and went with it but Warzone/MW have created a huge legacy of cross platform so this title isnt what nobody wanted/expected.

    They game feels like MW when it got released, Instead of all the functions/features of MW carrying along.. Just as an example they only now just released the update so you know which gun/items you have unlocked with a green dot a function MW had already this just continues on everywhere, imo these should of been there at Day1 you know what MW had so you should continue on with that instead of making a new game and then somehow thinking you are coming up with these new ideas yourself and releasing them as "Updates"

    Instead of the game feeling like a new expansion similar to WoW its just a whole new game thats very rough and will take them 9months to master and then a new game will come out and we are back to Step1 again.

  • I want to buy it for my son for xmas but when i click buy now or gift it wants me to log into account . any way i can buy from them to be able to give as gift

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    Just bought it for my son thanks op.

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