What Shopping Hacks Should Every OzBargainer Know?

Oh hello there! I just added "welcome10" in a random store checkout and nabbed an extra 10% off at Scotch and Soda. Such a basic thing to do but they didn't even email me that code and I didn't think they'd apply on top of the sale I was buying in. Which has led me to this question - what are the ultimate shopping hacks you have? I consider myself a novice but I use:

  • Cashrewards
  • Shoptagr (don't rate that highly but nonetheless useful)
  • Shopback
  • Ozbargain DUH
  • Google searches for coupons (is there a better way?)
  • Honey (also don't think it's that good - seems more relevant if you're in the USA).

Please make me a better bargain hunter <3 !!!!!!


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    Please make me a better bargain hunter

    wax on, wax off. :D

    • Does that just mean I need to keep practising ? lol

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    Spend less. Have more to spend later.

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    Discounted gift cards ? (And check cashback T&C)

    • I've never gone down the gift card route - sounds like this is next! <3

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    Pricehipster – not always 100% accurate though

    • never heard of it - thanks :)

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    Booko - is good for finding prices on books.
    Amazon - Sometimes an online store will be on the Amazon marketplace, and spending over $39 you might get free shipping.
    For example I had some items from House.com.au, but they wanted $15 in shipping, on Amazon from the HouseOnline store, I was able to get free shipping.

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      yes this is a good tip… otherwise amazon is more expensive in general

    • awesom thanks - I don't use amazon much at all! worth a looksie.

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    I just did a click and collect order from JB Hifi and I got a free bag which I believe usually costs 15 cents.

  • buy discounted gift card.

    • legit have never done this before :O

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    not asking missus for opinion.

    • lol fairo thank god i'm single ;)

    • Unless SHE is the ozbarginer of the house!!

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    For white goods ive recently discovered homeclearance.com.au
    They sell run out or cosmetically damaged items at huge discount. Just got a Mitsubishi WX743C for $2499 comes with full 5 year warranty and it only has a couple of dents on the back of it. Obviously the damage varies for each item but if you don't mind some imperfections definitely check it out.

    • awesome, have never hearrd of it :)

  • Honey (also don't think it's that good - seems more relevant if you're in the USA).

    this will mess with your Cashrewards or Shopback tracking

    • yes - i think i click back on the shopback browser button after entering a coupon :)

  • No true Ozbargainer lives in Australia.

    We are all holidaying from either Turkey or Argentina.

    • good one ;)

  • If you make more money you can spend more money

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    Too late for a 28 Degree card with price protection as they discontinued it, BUT maybe you can find a similar one from another vendor. Best thing you can do! Never have to worry about bargains etc. You can buy what you need, when you need it and then claim the price difference when it evidently drops in price a year later!
    Best case for me was when they honoured more than 50% price difference of a phone after 11 months…

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