MSI Afterburner Preventing PC from Sleeping

Probably not the best place to ask on a bargain website but I'm not on any PC forums.

Does anyone have any issues with their PC not sleeping when MSI Afterburner is installed?

My screens will go to sleep but not the PC itself.

As soon as I uninstall MSI Afterburner the PC will sleep again. Is there a setting or something in it that I cannot see that is preventing this from sleeping?


    • I only found the one regarding MSI Afterburner preventing sleep from 2016 - and no one answered lol.

      The rest seem to be sleep issues in general.

  • When you say it prevents it from sleeping - do you mean it actually prevents it or are you seeing it waking the computer in when you run powercfg -lastwake?

    • It wont actually go to sleep in the first place. The screens will go to sleep, but the PC still runs once the screens go to sleep. So no initial sleep and then waking

      powercfg /requests has everything listed as none.

      powercfg -lastwake has it listed as a PCI to PCI bridge - not sure what that is

  • Is there a hardware monitoring aspect to it? I remember having an issue some years back with my HDDs never spinning down after idle, and the cause turned out to be SpeedFan polling their temps (unchecked the HDDs in the program's settings, and voila - hard disks started spinning down). Been conscious of the potential impact of such programs on sleep ever since.