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Redemption Code for in Game Items @ Genshin Impact


First post. I think this is worthy posting.

Free redemption codes for Genshin Impact players (requires at least AR10).

It may be a limited time only code, so be quick!

All codes that might still be working, with thanks to Yukura, Moonlight flower, run2dmax, Ayiruos and RobBoss for collecting the rest of codes.


GENSHINGIFT - ( 50 primogems and x3 Hero's Wit)


Expired (but feel free to try):

5KVeIbSxDUU - (100 Primogems and 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore)

G3TQQ6TOQME - (100 Primogems and 5 Hero's Wit)

eATDgIXLD56 - (100 Primogems and 50k Mora)


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    Awesome thanks a lot man

  • Thanks!

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    Can this be redeemed on android? If so how?

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      Just click the link in the post, login, choose your server and claim. Can be claimed using any web browser.

      • How do i find what server im on?

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          It's there when you're logged-in in the game, under the Start Game.
          If u can't open the game right now, just choose the server one by one, it will automaticaly show your character nickname in the next field when you choose the right server.

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            @0r4n6e: It still asks me to login but i logged in with google play so not sure what my email will be.

            Edit: I found it on the app but it needs an adventure rank of 10 :(

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    Another code: G3tQq6TOqmE

    • Thank you!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks guys!!!

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    eATDgIXLD56 last code

    • ^extra 50 gems for an extra bit of effort

  • It says Adventure rank 10 required :(

  • Love this game, thanks OP! :)

  • Hi OP i need to get to level 10 asap, im like 500 exp away to be able to redeem this reward. Any ideas what gives quickest adventure experience? Still new to this game.. :(

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      Probably use your fragile resin or purchase resin with primogen and do those ley lines to get quick exp.

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      complete all your quests, activate waypoints

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        Thanks got it, had to complete the flying wings challenge thing to get my gliding licence. Passed finally and got to level 10! :)

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          Well done :)
          It has been known that MHY's codes don't last long or they might cap the number of redemptions.

          • @jus0212: I was so worried about that lol I tried so damn hard to get past that damn gliding part of the story, glad they are finally done and was able to redeem all the codes finally :) thanks again OP you kicked my ass into gear to finish that mission lol

          • @jus0212: Quick question, is there a place to find there codes? I'm playing on my tablet and would love to know where these codes get published pleasee

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              @Iwantthebestprice: The codes are shared by MHY via their live stream on YouTube. However, these particular global codes were leaked/released in the official genshin impact subreddit v1.2 megathread during their CN livestream.


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    5KVeIbSxDUU - (100 Primogems and 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore)

    G3TQQ6TOQME - (100 Primogems and 5 Hero's Wit)

    eATDgIXLD56 - (100 Primogems and 50k Mora)

    Enjoy everyone!

  • Champpp

  • Thanks guys!

  • Thanks mate.

  • -2

    This game has taken up a huge following, but don't forget at the very core of it, it's a predatory gatcha game. Resin is what gets you, and it's designed to sucker you in with small purchases here and there. Don't fall for it. Play smart.

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      every free to play game is like that right? Part with your time or part with your dime.

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      Get over it

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      I agree with you that gacha games do suck a bit, and some could be considered unethical - I HATE the endless pokie machines games you can get, I think it corrupts young kids and increases the odds of them becoming a gambler and I would argue needs more regulation, but that’s life mate. You can’t downvote a business model that clearly works, but that you don’t like. At the end of the day, the option to play/spend or not is all on you. You’d be surprised how much money is invested to develop and maintain these games. I’m personally a sucker for Clash Royale. I don’t mind spending $8-$20/month on it.

    • +3

      I played this game like 10 hours and spent no money yet thr graphics and game play are great, reminds me of zelda but without the $80 pricetag…

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      its f2p and if you cant control your wallet that's your problem

      I wish people would stop blaming everything but themselves when they waste their own money.

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        Literally ignored the fact that he is warning people. It's designed to be a trap, you talk Asif OP is salty for spending money on the game.

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      Gets negged for being a good guy who is just giving people a heads up for the true nature of the game… People just assume your hating on the game if you say anything remotely not positive about their beloved game. Nothing wrong with telling people to be aware of how they approach the game.

      • +5

        From their tone. It does sound like they're salty and hating on the game.

        If it's a general heads up. They won't be speaking in that kind of tone.

        On the note of Resin. LMFAO! Yeah. Resin is a b*tch. You can look at Resin in the negative/hater view like OP as a cash grab. Or you could look at it in another, more positive way, a means of helping you timebox how much time you spend playing the game each day.

        FYI. Microtransactions aren't limited to just games. Or gacha games as they claim.

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        I mean he said the same thing and negged another genshin freebie before

  • Saving up for cryo amber.

  • When I login, then go to the page to redeem the code.
    It says that I have to create a character first before redeeming, but I have a few already?

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Do it from the app works flawlessly

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    I think they might have also refreshed the month old "GENSHINGIFT" code

    • This code worked!! Thanks :)

    • Thanks worked!

    • Yasssss

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      Very misleading.

      Sure. MHY have made a couple of noob mistakes around disclosing emails and phone numbers - which they have fixed promptly after being made aware of them.

      But to put the blame on MHY for people's negligence to take the necessary steps to protect their own accounts is wrong.

      And to speak out against MHY on behalf of someone you don't know and weren't provided all the facts is also wrong. Did that individual share ANY evidence that the account was theirs besides that conversation between them and MHY staff? What was the entire interaction? If you look at the video carefully, the MHY staff clearly states there was inconsistency in the dispute and therefore they cannot help them.

      A tactic hackers use is to simply hit up customer support try get customer support to diverge as much information about an account as possible and use that information to further gain more information and then ultimately using all those pieces of information, build a picture as if they're the owner of the account.

      Unless you have solid proof/evidence that people's accounts are being hacked because of MHY's negligence, you should stop spreading false rumors.

  • I've used all the free codes to date but I've not gotten a single 5 star. Makes me wonder what the rates are.

    • Ouch! Don't know how long you've been playing. But this doesn't sound right. You should have hit pity and gotten at least 2 5* by now.

      If you just recently started. I would recommend you reroll.

    • Same boat lol

    • Really depends on your AR and progression. The game actually gives you lots of primos to roll to get you hooked on. There is a pity at 90 rolls nad soft pity start at 75 as I remember.

      • I always get about 78

      • Correct but also the pity roll at 90 is only for a five star. It can be a weapon as well. 180 is a guaranteed character if 90 wasn't.

        • Under character banner, gold roll will always get you 5* character. Only under standard banner, you have 50/50 chance of getting either 5* weapon or 5* character. Under weapon banner, you cannot even get 5* character, only 5* weapon.

    • Are you actually playing the game or just redeeming the free primogems, rolling, then closing the game?

      You get a lot of free primogems as you progress through the game, levelling, quests, opening chests, using resins, fighting bosses, battle pass etc. This is especially true at lower levels.

    • Stick on rolling on Character Banner and you are guaranteed a 5 star every 90 wishes. Skip the Standard Banner or Weapon banner if you are aiming for 5* character.

  • Legend thx

  • Thanks but only one of the codes works for me. how about everyone else?

    • What error message did you get btw?

      • invalid code. only G3TQQ6TOQME worked for me.

        • Someone used app and it worked fine. Give it a try?
          If you aren't copying and pasting, be careful with I (i) and l (L).

          • @jus0212: ah found the error. the other codes contain upper case 'i', not lowercase 'L'

    • All 3 worked just now. PC > login > settings > account > redeem now … then enter codes, just remember to remove/check the space at the end of the codes if copy and pasting.

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    GENSHINGIFT - Grants x50 primogems and x3 Hero's Wit

  • looks like they have expired

    • +1

      GENSHINGIFT worked for me just now. I am unable to test the rest. I believe the moderator will mark this post as expired if enough people report it?

  • +2

    Only GENSHINGIFT works, just tried all the others but it said they had expired.

    • Thanks for checking. I have edited the post.

  • awesome! still worked for me even though it said expired. Thanks OP!

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