Telstra Prepaid to Boost - Painless

There are continual posts in the Boost deals about the pain, difficulties and the need for a blank SIM when porting from Telstra.

I just did the switch, no blank SIM was needed, no porting out to Aldi, and the process took about 10 minutes via chat.
Hopefully future porters have this joy but my take was it's no longer as hard as it once was. Although lots of things are like that ;-)


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  • did it a month ago.. was a nightmare
    You may have gotten lucky.

    Still better to port out and back in so you avoid all the issues

  • A port from Telstra prepaid is normally not an issue, as lots of posters in other threads will attest to.

    It is porting from Telstra POSTPAID that can have issues.

  • It's post paid to boost.

  • Yep postpaid is a PITA, ported one postpaid to boost last weekend, and I mean weekend because that's how long it took with numerous calls and a day long chat via mytelstra app, currently attempting second today, with a bit of luck will hopefully be done by tomorrow.

  • Telstra prepaid is easy… Try it again as a Telstra POST PAID customer.

  • Apologies. It wasn't usually made clear in the posts

  • Porting into Boost or telstra is the worst experience EVER! In fact doing anything with Helstra is painful as most of their customer "service" employees are incompetent…. most likely a lack of training and low pay. Past 4 contacts with telstra directly or boost have been so outrageously bad it is unbelievable this company still exists!!