Kogan Data Not Working on My Asus Zenfone 5?

Managed to port from Catch to Kogan after about 20days (another story), then found out Kogan data not working on my current phone!
To keep it short, after insert Kogan sim in my dual sim phone, data is very crappy, didn't work on websites, on apps, waited very long time, some didnt work, some managed to login after long time.
Called kogan, went thru troubleshoot, 1st advice was that I need to wait at least 3hrs after successful port for data to work, after 5 hours, 2nd advice was that I need to turn on roaming for it to work. Kogan checked my sim card and my area for issues, none found.
I had used Kogan on this phone before and it was working fine, I tried the normal restarting the phone, swap sim 1 & 2, none worked. Tried it on my other old phone and use the hotspot and it worked ok…so now I have to carry both phones around to use the hotspot.
Today, which is about 3 days after using the hotspot, I swap it back to my Asus to try using the data again, still doesn't work.
Any OB expert here that can shed some light as to what might be the issue with Kogan in my current phone? phone calls and sms working fine.



    So if your other phone uses the Kogan SIM for data okay, and there aren't any local network problems, then the problem is your phone, not the SIM or service.


      Thanks for the response, but I can use the other Catch sim card on my current Asus sim slot, with no issues. And also had used other Kogan sim cards before with no issues…so scratching my head as to what could be the problem.


    Prefer LTE selected in sim settings?
    Phone and sim seem to be ok. Maybe when the phone was setting up for the new sim it made some wrong settings? Worth checking.

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    Check the APN settings. I have a similar issue with Vodafone and the Asus ROG Phone 3 wherein it'll retrieve the wrong APN settings, meaning that either data or MMS services won't function. Even if the settings match what Kogan has on their website it might be beneficial to create a new APN profile and type them in manually, or try resetting to default APN settings.

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      Ahhh…this is the answer, I took a screenshot of the apn settings on my other phone, swsp the sim over n it's slightly diff to the settings, so i deleted n type them in manually…n finally worked… thank u!
      Also, just want to add that roaming doesn't need to b on to use the data!


    What model number of the Zenfone? Sounds like it doesn’t support all 4G frequency bands on Voda.


    Thanks to OverburdenedWarrior for the fix, & thanks to Tomato for returning to confirm the fix. Kudos!