RGB Strip Lighting That Is Decent Quality?

anyone suggest where I can buy a decent quality RGB strip light?

I don't really need a separate remote, or an app to control it. I'd love just a simple unit with an in line remote or something like that.

One that responds to music would be a nice feature, though not essential. Suggestions? There is a dizzying array of options of eBay/Amazon/Aliexpress…almost all seem to be remote and app controlled and of dubious brand name….


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    There's a cheap 2m Lenovo one at JB Hifi for $39 that should do the trick. Doesn't compare to a Philips Hue one but you're not paying that money.


  • Coles recently started selling them.
    $15 for 3m and $22 for 5m

  • One that responds to music would be a nice feature

    How do you reckon that'll work without an app?

    • I guess I thought it might have a built in mic or something? But yeah, if it’s app based I will forgo it

  • if you're just looking for just basic led strips (coloured lights and a few colour changing effects) i can recommend Kmart's

    was the best price per length i could find 6 months ago (idk abt now) and no issues so far.
    only downside is you cant extend. if you wanted more length youd need to use 2 remotes and usb ports

  • Ok thank you.
    If they are powered by USB, can you simply plug them into a phone charger if you don’t want to use a computer to power them?

    • yeah theyre actually meant to be powered by plug, not cpu

      • Cool, thanks

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