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[eBay Plus] $1 Tuesday | 200ml 4-Pack Sunscreen Bottles | 50ml Aerogard Roll On | 65cm Cheese Serving Board | @ eBay


No idea on codes or stock levels, but these will sell out in no time when live. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    The sunscreen bottles could be having short shelf life

    • Is it? The one I bought from Coles doesn't even have a best before or an expiry. Any idea on Coles ones shelf life?

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    2pm ???

    • +2

      Yes. It's under the tags (Other, eBay Sale) above for future reference.

  • -2

    is anyone still on ebay plus, i doubt it

    • +13

      used to hate it.. but with all the deals they have it kinda pays itself off

      • +3

        Yep. I've gotten at least one item each Tuesday, and also the $199 iPad mini.

        • +3

          Hopefully continue next year.

        • +2

          yeah and not to mention when you cancel your membership they pay you another $30 to stay.
          You're effectively losing only $20 for all these mad deals..

          • @Da dpG: Right. And I find that eBay has much more variety than Amazon's Prime-eligible range, particularly for tech items – the free express shipping is more useful for eBay in that regard.

            • +1

              @itsfree: To be honest I find most items on eBay have free shipping anyways.. but yes I have plus

            • @itsfree: More item variety but none of that relates to plus

              With plus the damn coupons never work on much of interest or there is price jacking

              • +1

                @justtoreply: Sure – it's a combination of the free express shipping (I have found several sellers recently add free Plus shipping vs paid courier – e.g. TGG) + hassle-free return labels + Plus deals vs Amazon's limited Prime range

          • +2

            @Da dpG: Wait longer. I didn't bother for about two months after my plus lapsed and got a $50 voucher.

            Which was worth maybe $40 really due to not being stackable with coupons.

      • +1

        More like you can get either $30 or $50 back on a voucher…. I wouldn’t pay the $50 RRP without some discount

        • I did the trial last Black Friday 2019, cancelled, lapsed BF'20


    • +1

      haha true. i was on eBayPlus for 2 years…it was so good at the start..before like 70% of the approved sellers became dropshippers

    • Hold out for when they offer $50 vouchers for the $49 fee. I’ve had two years free so far, I use eBay more than I should and still wouldn’t pay for it. They quietly killed their dedicated telephone line.

      Unrelated, has anyone noticed how the eBay app (iOS) shows a lesser discount by default if more than one discount is available. And sometimes, it wont show the discount at all unless you exit and re-enter the item? I can’t help but feel it intentional disguised as a bug..

  • +7

    Cheese serving board is a plank of wood.

    • +4

      And rrp is $89. What a joke.

      • Must be some good wood then!

        • -2

          i could serve me missus cheese on my wood just as well

        • you wood think so

      • -6

        Too many Whinges but based on last one NON's had no problem cleaning all the stuff up :)
        I get about 60-80 X more value each Ebay + account ,
        Maybe take a look at your self if you can't find value
        BTW at $1 you just fire who cares what the RRP is lol

        • +4

          Yeah agree on the RRP.. who cares.

          But I'm not buying trash even at a dollar.

    • +3

      Aren't they all?

  • What time is this?

    • 2pm according to TA's post

  • Banner says 2pm

    • +7

      You mean Hulk says its 2pm :)

    • Which banner? I've been looking for it like crazy as I heard an ad on the radio and can't find it anywhere.

    • visit the Ebay website in incognito mode

  • +1
    • +2

      Different items listed in title

      • Right, normally this would be merged though

        • +1

          it would be merged if it was the same OP for both, but not in this case.

  • Cheese board is just a plank of wood lmao

    • +7

      And for a $1 delivered with free express shipping you are complaining?

    • Bunnings would charge you $5

      • +5

        There's a point. It's probably more useful to patch the cubby house with than as a cheese board.

      • I see people on Gumtree giving away old paling fences they've pulled down. If one small plank is good @ $1, imagine how great 1000 of them are for $0! ;-D

  • +1

    With these deals can you add them to cart now and it will automatically update price at the time of sale or do you have to actually purchase right on time?

    • +1

      I believe you can as long as the item code doesn't change and you can input the promo code whilst in cart.

    • Will tell you right now, they usually get the seller wrong.

      Those links are just to display what the items are like

  • +2

    Thank goodness we don’t only get those cheap plastic wine glasses. I am going to try to get the sunscreen and cheese board

    • My eBay plus banner still has those plastic wine cups.

  • +1

    lollll beat dealbot to it

  • +1

    ah It’s homegeneral for sunscreen lol, took them 2 weeks to send out my dishwashing tablets. more free $5 late vouchers I guess

  • what time is it today thanks ?

    • 2pm AEST

      • +1

        should add this into the title

      • +3

        2pm AEDT according to previous ebay $1 deals.

  • Anyway for me with the nappies . insect repellent , power banks , fans etc any family or friends want them they can have them . The stuff in today deals the same by looks . I know guys I'm too generous ( I'm like a Secret Santa ) lol . The dish washing tablets about the only thing I can use :)

    • Hi, it's me, your friend

  • is it 10 am?

    • or 2 pm?

      • 2pm

      • +1

        it is 2:00 PM if it was 10 then when are screwed up :)

  • Oh well, the deal doesn't start at 10am, I just checked.
    I'm looking forward to buying something I don't want or need because it's only $1

  • Does anyone know the voucher/promo code for these deals? If not, what is the link of the page they will appear? Cheers

  • Hi all, new to ebay plus $1 deals. Will these items just appear as $1 to ebay plus members at 2pm or is there any particular code to avail this offer?

  • +1

    no time to stay in front of monitor all day. give a pass.

    • +1

      I think it not too hard just be ready at 59mins to the hour with most likely 2PM being the D Day .

  • -1

    Ebay plus sucks. I still haven’t received the 100 led solar lights from the previous deal and ebay does do nothing.

    • I got my lights from that deal.

  • where is the page that says more about these $1 items?

  • +4

    So far they have sent me 2 x $5 vouchers no min spend for one of these $1 items being late, which it wasn't. So I'm up regardless of the junkiness.

    • same. got 2x$5. though they were late

    • Did you chat with them to get it?

      • for me it was automatic

        • Thanks, did you contact seller for the delay? So far I didn't receive any update.

          Just chat with eBay support they said " just give it some time and you'll be notified once the system detects this order is eligible."

          • @superforever: no i didn't contact seller. received the $5 about a day after the scheduled delivery date was passed and item didn't show up

            • @ironworthy: I only received one of those – the rest have been free return labels

              • @itsfree: Lol. A return label for what?

                • @ironworthy:

                  We're sorry your order is arriving later than expected. Don't worry, order is still on the way. To apologise for the delay, we're offering you a free return label for this purchase to use if you need it.

  • It's like everyone bought their lottery ticket with ebay plus and now the draw will be announced for handful lucky ones.

  • ar those links the actual sellers?

  • +1

    The board design is nice.

  • +2

    Thats gifts for inlaws and randoms sorted.

  • +1

    Last one here we go

    • They happen every Tuesday.

  • +4

    ebay plus has become like glancing at the 'junk shelf' in ColesWorths with all the one-off items with torn boxes and missing pieces (and then wondering why you bothered to look).

  • So what are you guys buying? Im going sunscreen and might pass on the rest for once..

    • I'm thinking plank of wood. It's a saving of $88.95 from list price!

  • 8mins remaining!

    • +1

      Do you have a link? I can't even see the banner on my Ebay plus

  • +1

    Everyone pls go for the 150 Sunscreen while I double up on the other 2 :)

    • sunscreen is actually the best value item to get haha

  • +3


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