Kogan - Air Conditioner Dented during Transit, but Functions OK - What Now?

Our old window AC packed it in the other day, so I decided to grab a cheap Kogan unit when they had their 20% off coupon (worked out still to be a pretty good deal).

It arrived today, but it did have some damage.

Pic 1
Pic 2

You can see the big ding on the corner and the condenser fins have been pressed up against the cage, bending them (that's what those vertical lines are in the photo of the rear)

I tested the unit and it works just fine. I'm happy to keep it, but I think this damage indicates that the item has been treated quite roughly during transit and is worthy of a partial refund. I'd also imagine there may be implications for warranty if I were to return it with this damage. Any ideas on how much I should ask them for in my email, if anything?

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    dot they have an extra transit insurance? Did you pay it?


      Kogan doesn't offer transit insurance. Their normal shipping method is already insured.

      Their 'Freight protection' option just gives you priority service and faster replacement.

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    Contact them, ask them to replace or refund sufficient amount that you would be happy with it as it is.

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    Thats not cool.

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    OP, ask for a full refund or a replacement and tell them to send a courier to collect the old one.


    worthy of a partial refund

    in your opinion or theirs

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    Personally, I'd request a full refund because this is now damaged goods!

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    Better return, because it will affect warranty.


      Agree, if you need to do a warranty claim down track and they see it’s dinged they will probably say you did it and deny the claim. Send it back now and get a replacement.


    Like you said…. it proved to be a good bargain.
    Live with it.