Need Recommendation for Car Audio Head Unit Installer around SYD Area

Hi OZBers

Bought a new 2 DIN headunit (Kenwood DMX5020S) from the SCA sale posted here last week for Honda Odyssey 2017. SCA apparently only does installation at Penrith store, which is fair distance from me.

Anyone here can recommend store / installer

  1. Decent bargain price ( we are all here in bargain forum)
  2. good installation work

I called around and was quoted $450. This was a shocker as my budget was $200 -$250. I thought i only need fascia, antenna adapter and ISOs.
The $450 quote sounds like the price includes steering wheel interface which costs almost 200 plus fascia and the actual installation cost.
which was a surprise as from reading the deal, few others mentioned Kenwood as having SWC inbuilt and would save the need to buy interface

To add more to the confusion, aeropro also says SWC interface required

Is $450 fair price ? Any decent store/installer recommended ? Read about fhrx from other forums, but feels like it is too fancy for a vanilla headunit swap only

Thanks in advance



    Take a day trip to Penrith


    I thought i only need fascia, antenna adapter and ISOs.

    What about labour?

    If you've called multiple places and they're all around the same then there's a good chance that's the going rate. Personally I'd DIY. It's basically all plug in and the cheaper the install the higher the chance of scratches and dodgy wiring so may as well watch a Youtube video or two and DIY and know it's done properly.

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    Just DIY. It isn't rocket science.




      True it’s not rocket science, but dashboard surgery can be right up there.


    Peter from Active Aftermarket Installations service most part of Sydney, he is mobile and happy to provide accurate quote before the job. I have engaged him a few times, his price is really good and he is always on time.

    Google… Active Aftermarket Installations

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    Thanks for the input. Agree with enzio, whilst i am comfortable with building pc computer, upgrades ssd etc, not as comfortable with dashboard surgery and soldering.

    Thanks to calvink. Called up peter and he promised to call back. Sounds like a good bloke !!
    Trying to get this done before roadtrip during xmas. Fingers crossed!!