Upgrading from Voll B44 Speakers for Home Theatre

I had purchased all my home theatre components from an ebay 20% sale and thanks to OzBargain about 2 years ago.
I got the Voll b44's for the front and rear speakers. They are really great and fantastic for the lower cost but I always felt they punched above their weight.

We are moving to a new house soon and I was planning to upgrade from the Voll B'44's to a better speaker.
Can you suggest some good options for me please?

Also I will be looking to sell the Volls in Feb if anyone is interested. Just a heads up.

My receiver is Yamaha RX-V583B and I also wanted to know if we need a special type of speaker to support dolby atmos.


  • Soudbars these days can be hifi quality. After so many years of it becoming the thing everyone wants and expects, the sound quality caught up. But you do need to pay a lot for a really great soundbar that doesn't punch above its weight for a bluray soundtrack or CD. Power doesn't come cheap.

    Personally I'd buy something like a 7.2 speaker setup that fires audio at the ceiling from the left and right speakers to bounce back down on you, like two speakers in one.

    • Mate I already have a speaker setup. My receiver does support 7.2. I can add the ceiling speakers but also want to upgrade my existing front and back speakers.

  • They are really great and fantastic for the lower cost but I always felt they punched above their weight.

    I'm confused. Punching above its weight is a good things, isn't it?

    • I am sorry. I meant that the Voll's are great for their size and price but I was looking for something better as in an upgrade!

      I feel these are entry level speakers but want to try and do better with quality of sound.

      • Ah ok. There seems to be a few variables omitted so it's hard to recommend. Eg. Room size, budget etc

        Having said, based on what you've currently got maybe the Q Acoustics should be an upgrade: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556291

        Personally, I would troll through gumtree. Usually lots of good stuff going for cheap on there.

        I don't know if covid has affected the supply of the better stuff though. ie. The good stuff has been snapped up earlier on when people had to stay at home.

        • Thanks mate. My current centre speaker is Q Acoustics and so they could definitely be a feasible upgrade.

  • I'd be interested in grabbing these from you!

    • Cheers mate. Noted and I will message you in the coming weeks.

      • Hey mate - just following this up. How did you go with your new pick up?

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