60cm Oven under $1200 - Looking for Recommendations

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The oven in our household has broken for the 2nd time in the last 6 months. It was a cheap Euro one, and I think buying a new one seems better than another repair fee.

I don't know too much about these things, but was hoping for a few recommendations please. Looking for a 60cm electrical oven. Budget is up to $1200 (inc. delivery). Looking for something reliable, not too fussy on features.

Also considering self-install, as it is just a wall plug. Anyone have any experience with this? Install fees seem very expensive for what it is ($200+)


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    Just bare in mind that even though they're all 60cm that only covers the width. Depending on the opening and height of the doors you may need to cut / adjust the cabinet trims on the top / bottom of the facia

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    many of the ovens are not wall plugs but hardwired. keep that in mind

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    Probably Bosch at this price.

    Most standard ovens are just slide in, with 2 screws on either side that you need to fix into the cabinet side panels.

    Hopefully you'll find one with a wall plug available, as an oven is typically rated 15-20 amps, more than a wall socket (10 amps).

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    Having just purchased a 60cm pyrolytic oven (and talked to a plethora of salespeople across different stores in the process), here are some extra tips to keep in mind when shopping around:

    • Much like a lot of goods these days, there are a lot of stock shortages at the moment (whether it is due to reduced manufacturing capacity either in Australia or overseas, reduced cargo capacity for goods coming into Australia, or a decline in efficiency at store warehouses due to social distancing measures, etc). I would suggest you keep an eye out for three or four particular models.
    • A salesperson may try to talk you into a pyrolytic oven over a regular electric oven, but you probably don’t need a pyrolytic oven. I only bought one to make life easier for my old man to properly maintain the oven (plus I managed to haggle a $300 discount of a salesperson, which brought the price pretty much in line with the electric version of the oven).
    • If you are going to go for a hardwired model (let’s face it, a lot of ovens being sold these days will be hardwired), it will need to be installed by a qualified professional. I was told by the local The Good Guys to expect a two month delay in having an oven installed by their contracted installers, so keep in mind you may have to wait a while for a qualified professional to install your new oven. Of course, you don’t have to go through the store’s recommended professionals to have your oven installed, but it’s just a heads up of potential delays, especially if you want the oven delivered and installed before Christmas.
    • Delivery generally costs anywhere between $0 and $60 (depending on the store), but that is because I am located in a capital city. It may differ depending on the stores you go to.

    In terms of brands to keep an eye out of in your price range:

    • Westinghouse (e.g. WVE615SC - I spotted this oven on display at a few stores, and it didn’t seem too bad, although the door did not open or close as nicely as some of the more expensive Westinghouse ovens.)
    • Electrolux
    • Bosch (e.g. HBF133BS0A - a salesperson at The Good Guys was very keen on Bosch and pushed me to consider them. I think this was the cheapest oven in store at the time. However, there are stock shortages of Bosch ovens in my area…)
    • Fisher & Paykel

    From my experience of what is in stock at the moment, I personally think that your budget is a little ambitious, but I cannot comment on stock levels at stores in your area. What I learnt from going to different stores is that you can always ask for a better deal (e.g. $100 off the display price, free delivery, etc), particularly if go to smaller electrical stores. You can also use discounted gift cards (if you have access to them) to try and maximise your savings if you stick to the bigger stores.

    Happy hunting!

    • Thanks! Plenty of good advice!
      I had kind of ruled out pyrolytic, as you say I'm not convinced I actually need it, and it's probably a bit out of my budget anyway. Curiously how much did yours end up being with the discount?

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        Electrolux EVEP614DSD for $1310 with $35 delivery from a specialist appliance store.

  • I bought the Westinghouse WVEP615SC for around $950 in May this year from Good Guys Commercial (if that's an option).

    I did a lot of ringing around regarding installation - the bigger companies wanted about $200 but found a local Electrician who charged by the hour and he only charged me $80.

    I'd also recommend the oven - well built and seems to cook evenly. I've also used the pyrolitic function once - certainly made it easier to clean.

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    Similar question but would like recommendations for a good quality 54cm freestanding oven/cooktop up to $2K (electric). Or recommend a brand with general good quality and performance.


  • I recently bought a fisher and paykel from the good guys had to wait about 5 weeks for it model is OB60SD9PX1 paid $1250 for it at the height of covid lockdown in Melbourne paid a sparky 90 bucks to remove disconnect the old one and install the new one.