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Breville The Bambino (BES450BSS) - Black - $349 @ BIG W


This is the new model BES450BSS, not to be confused with The Bambino Plus (BES500BSS)

Introductory price is $349 and will come back to RPP (as $449.00). At the moment Breville website and Amazon still list these as RPP.

Cannot vouch for the quality tho…

PS: also at The Good Guys credit @ hamza23

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    Can anyone comment or give more info on whether this new model/code is decent? I'm not looking for anything crazy, I'm just a regular guy who lives in Melbourne and wouldn't mind being able to make coffee at home. I've got a Timemore hand grinder and an aeropress.

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    Oh wow, even smaller. Love my Bambino Plus.

  • This or the delonghi pump express for $279.


    • bambino.

      • Thank you

        • Bambino is newer tech - will heat up faster and has better milk frothing wand.

  • Also at TGG / TGG eBay if you prefer.

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    Good catch OP - "This is the new model BES450BSS, not to be confused with The Bambino Plus (BES500BSS)".
    From the description on the site, and the images provided, it seems this machine has features for manual milk texturing and not automated like the PLUS model.

    I own the PLUS and am very satisfied with it. Automated milk texturing is the best feature on the machine in my opinion.

    Drawbacks - small water container, small drip tray.

    • Agreed. The automated milk frother is absolutely amazing. It's worth the extra month to get the plus for that reason. FYI, the Bambino Plus was $326 from TGG Commercial for most of the year.

      • Unfortunately it was 360-ish since I have the membership ;). But I will pull the trigger when it drop sub 330

        • I got my early last year when Amazon had it for $350 plus Breville were doing a free $50 EFTPOS card with it. It's not been that cheap since but I did get my friend to pull the trigger at $326. It's an amazing machine and definitely worth $361.

          • @C0mbat: I know it's worth it, but my dear missus only accept ultra saaaaavvy deals

            • @twain90: My answer to that would be that $361 is $239 lower than the rrp for what will bring you a coffee as good as your favourite coffee shop (providing you also have a good grinder and coffee beans and then maybe also a funnel ring and tamper :))

  • Also FYI last time someone checked and the Bambino Plus was roughly this price at TGG Commercial.

    • Yes I just checked, it is still comparable now. The Plus is 361$ at TGG Commercial.

    • Just an FYI for anyone planning to order from TGG: the Bambino Plus (at least, the discounted black model) is not actually in-stock in any of their warehouses despite what their webpage might imply. I ordered two weeks ago and I had to call them just for them to say "yeah, we're not getting any stock until maybe end of year".

  • Got the plus for the GF and the quality is great. Competes with my 2000 dollar e61 heat exchange machine and heats up way quicker too! Although to get to that quality U need to have your own seperate grinder to grind fresh and u definitely need to invest in a non-pressurised filter basket (this and the plus only comes with pressurized basket)…

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      Why non-pressurised? Can you explain the difference please?

      • In theory “pressurised” machines are more forgiving. You don’t have to worry too much about getting the grind right.

        “Non-pressurised” allows you to play around with grind settings, size of dosages etc.

        Some say pressurised is for beginners or if you want fast coffee. Non-pressurised is for more experienced users who are happy to tinker and wait.

        There’s a lot of generalisations in what I’ve written…but I hope it helps.

        • Thanks… got it, I think…

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        To get a shot right you have to build up enough pressure in the basket to release Co2 from the grounds and create the crema. Crema is a sign of a good shot.

        A pressurized basket helps this process by pushing the brew into another chamber first with more pressure and out through a tiny hole. So you can get the grind wrong (coarseness and/or amount) but still get a decent shot. It's more forgiving but you're not getting the best out of your beans.

        With an unpressurized basket, you have to make sure your grind consistency + quantity is dialled in correctly for your beans, otherwise you will not get the right pressure and the shot will taste bad. But when you get it dialled in right, you'll get a better tasting shot… In theory.

        I've tried both on my bambino plus and can say without a doubt…it tasted about the same. But don't listen to me. I hate the taste of espresso and add milk and sugar so it doesn't taste like water steeped in cigarette butts.

        • Cheers for the answer, mate.

  • I want the plus!!!! Ughhh What a tease

    I'm not special enough to have TGG Commerical ;/

    • The auto frothing is rather nice :)

    • I want the plus too! How do we even get TGG commercial membership? I always see people raving on about TGGC.