Car Care Protection from Nissan Dealer

I recently booked a Nissan Car and now dealer is convincing me to buy car care. When i asked about the total package cost (Paint & Tint). They emailed me this:

"For the ceramic coating and ceramic film (tint) it will be $1,350 and our RRP is $2,485. I have discounted the pack for you at staff pricing! It's a worthwhile investment to make because it allows you having that peace of mind knowing that the paintwork will be protected and maintain its value."

Not sure how truth is this? Is it worth to go with them or better do this from 3rd party? If i only go for Tint they have a fixed price of $695..

Please suggest what would be good for me as car is due in a week for delivery.

Thank You


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    Don't do it. They are talking absolute bollocks. This is just a typical money making upsell.

    Get yours windows tinted elsewhere. Call around a few places. Typical prices are around $400.

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  • Did the ceramic coating and car seat protection thingy. Been regretting it ever since.

    • Why? Is doing Tint a worth only through them?

      • Both treatments gave virtually no benefit or protection. With the paint protection, my car doors still got easily chipped and dents from other car doors slamming into mine which is disappointing.

        With the tint, I find it's just more convenient to be done by the dealer. Any damage to the car would be covered by the dealer since the car was still in their possession. Also the tint would be part of the purchase price which I had a 1% interest car loan offered by the car manufacturer.

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          With the paint protection, my car doors still got easily chipped and dents from other car doors slamming into mine

          LOL, paint protection is never intended to protect from this kind of damage. I can't believe that you could be led to believe that it would.

      • The tint is worth doing in Australia - just at a reasonable price

  • The tinting package is probably at the higher end of reasonable (depends how many windows you have on the car).

    These other packages is where the dealer makes the most money as selling the car makes them pretty much bugger all - they need to sell other stuff like finance, non brand accessories and these BS packages

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    Just disregard the ming mole every time.

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    My brother in laws was an ace car sales man here in Auckland. He often said to me he's amazed at people buying "paint protection" through them. It virtually does next to nothing. Tinted window can always be done somewhere else.

  • Car Care Protection !!!!!!…. Never ever do it.
    waste of money. That's one of their tricks. Whatever they recommend, or suggest. Never do it. Trust me.
    (Tinted window …! do it somewhere else a lot cheaper.)

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    I literally quit a job at Toyota cause i could not bring myself to spin these lies to people over and over again.

    They charge thousands to apply it to you car… costs them a couple hundred at best.

    Paint protection is no better for your car than 4 good clean and waxes a year.
    Tint is def worth it, but always cheaper to get it elsewhere

    • Were you a Mingmale?

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        Yeah one of the rare ones in the wild ;)

        it was a combined role.. i was also the delivery coordinator but the dealer principal found out i had a sales back ground when the usual girl quit

        so i was ok giving it a go but once i found out the costs vs prices etc and when the new car manager would come to me and be like we made $300 on this car i need you to get at least 2K from the customer i knew my time was up.

        They would not let me go back to the DC role only (which is what i was hired for) so i left

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    I don’t get why car manufacturers allow this.
    I bought a Toyota RAV4. The sales guy is telling me how great it is. We agree on a deal. I then get put in front of someone who’s tactic to sell this overpriced rubbish is to tell me how crap the car I have just agreed to buy is when it comes from the factory - terrible paintwork that won’t last, interiors that will be crap in 3 months time etc.

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      Hope they told you how crap it is for transporting a kayak!

  • Get a quote from a local tint shop and then go back to the dealer and ask them if they can do it for that that. They will usually drop the price anyway. Then see if the extra you're paying is worth the convenience.

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    ask them why they think their factory paint is so poor it needs special protection.

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    Do dealers do tinting? I thought they subbed it out and stuck a rip off mark up on the cost.

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      Just outsource it with a margin for themselves.

      • They usually do sub it out.

  • The dealer you are buying from with is not your friend

  • “Staff pricing”, I love this.

  • Just no.
    Please no.
    50% of that will go straight into commission for the salesman

    • And the other 40% profit will go to the dealership!

  • Just remember there is a difference between cheap and quality window tints.. And how they are applied.. you do not want bubbles appearing.

    Stay within legal limits as insurance could use that as an 'out'.

    Keep your car washed, clean off any bird poo immediately, take rings off etc to lesson chance of scratching the car.

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    Getting a ceramic coat does have benefits. I just doubt that the dealership would be applying anything better than a 'ceramic' sealant to the car.

    An application of a proper ceramic coating is very labour intensive due to the preparation, paint correction, application and curing time. They would keep the car overnight to protect against the weather while the coating is curing.
    Also the coating is not cheap and most notable quality brands restrict the distribution to reputable detailing shops.

    A ceramic infused wax or sealant provides little if any benefits over a standard wax or sealant.

    Forget the ceramic coating because at that price there is no way you are getting a proper ceramic coat. Buy a sealant from any auto shop and apply it yourself. It will cost maybe $50 and 30 min extra after you wash your car once every three months.

    Tint can go either way, I'm lazy so pay the extra $100 or so for the dealer to do it for me.

    • proper ceramic coating is very labour intensive due to the preparation

      $1300 is not a bad price for someone doing it properly. I doubt the dealer would be doing a decent job. I have non dealer quotes between $900 and $1350. I'm going with the most expensive. They are the only business who required to keep the car overnight. They said it will take two full days and they need a couple of weeks notice to book it in. They gave me a full run down on exactly what they are doing.

      • OP's quote was for both ceramic coat and tint for $1,350. It will be absolute rubbish.

        That sounds about right. A professional shop using high quality coating cost about $1,500 near me. I would recommend asking what brand ceramic coating they use and do some research. There can be large differences between different coatings.

        I wouldn't be paying that much for a subpar branded coating.

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    i am really shocked to hear a lot of you blokes on here believe Ceramic Coat does barely (profanity) all , quite the contrary.

    not here to peddle products or lie to anyone , but it is a legitimate product that has its intended use , yes it won't stop stone chips on your car but it will make the car easier to wash and less susceptible to dirt after it rains if your car got caught out whilst retaining a nice glossy finish. it will also reduce the severity of any contaminants that get onto the paint and it will prevent "light" scratches damaging the clear coat underneath. once you have "swirls" on your paint the damage is done and the only recompense is to buff it out with polish and then either wax or ceramic over it but ceramic is at least x5 more durable then wax and lasts a lot longer.

    it is ideally meant to be done on a new vehicle purchase to ensure the finish is maintained to "showroom" quality for as long as possible , what people don't often realize the initial cost is expensive because it is a labor intensive process and the actual products themselves used are more then double-triple the price of the products sold in your local auto shops which directly correlates to quality.

    i cannot offer a valid comparison between the products the professional detailers use as i don't have access to the products but i have done some trials with what is on offer at supercheap/repco and it does have its benefits , i feel however you need to put more then 1 coat to get the desired effect. i would say 2 at the minimum with 24 hour wait in between to a maximum of 3 then set and forget for a year.

    just take general duty of care when washing and don't be that retard that goes to the local car wash and go over your whole car with the broom that has seen the bulk of its life used to clean dirty wheels and mud off boats and trailers and 4WD's.

    to do a ceramic coat on a car that has been on the road a few years it is a big lengthy process that truly requires controlled conditions and out of direct sunlight.

    Steps are (pre-wash - rinse - claybar - wash - dry with microfiber - polish (if required) - ceramic) all in that order and preferably under complete cover (in a garage or at the very minimum a carport) , and it has to be done in sections at a time.

    i am getting a new car soon and i was quoted by a professional detailer i trust to do a full exterior paint protection (ceramic) and interior protection package including the cabin and wheels + brake calipers for $1250 including window tint all around. additionally as i have previously been to this detailer with the last car i had , he only charged me $100 to do a yearly "re-coat" of the whole car to maintain the ceramic coat because i looked after it , i got quoted a similar price to OP (around $1400 just for the ceramic and window tint) i just told them i was not interested because i knew i could get it cheaper outside the stealership.

    so the initial cost is high , but if you look after your car and take due care , re-applications of it if you are not bothered to do it yourself costs a lot less then going to your local car wash and buying a detailing package of $350+ where all they do is wash then wax your car over the imperfections and contaminants that are still on the paint , you go in with a dirty car and you come out with a cleaner but more damaged paint-job all while you enjoy your latte at the cafe.

    at the end of the day you get what you pay for , it is not just extra protection for your car but it adds value to it as well. so if you ever have to sell your car you know you can seek top dollar for it and as a private car buyer let me tell you the first cars i go to inspect are the ones that are the most clean and shiny on the outside.

    there is a reason why 99% of car dealers have all their cars washed every morning by some poor bloke on peasant wages breaking his back , take a guess why.

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    • there is a reason why 99% of car dealers have all their cars washed every morning by some poor bloke on peasant wages breaking his back , take a guess why.

      It’s because shiny cars sell.

      A quick wash daily helps keep the car looking shiny. Most of us don’t have time for that. They also don’t care for the longevity of the paintwork. It only has to look shiny until you drive it away.

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        And also not washing the vehicle correctly,you will be amazed of how many new vehicles are delivered with many,many swirl marks.The ONLY way to get them out is to do paint correction on them.Dealers have no idea how to prepare a cars paint work properly.A good video to look @ is on YouTube’, ‘Craft Auto Detailing’.Sandro is a master.Anybody remotely interested in having their vehicle done,should watch this,especially the three parter on the Camaro.

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    If want ceramic coating,do NOT use a dealer,you will have no idea what applications they use.There are Myriad of brands out there.It will not stop stonechips etc,(the only way to get get ‘full’ protection is to PPF the vehicle)but if maintained properly,will last quite a few years.’Kamikazi’,is a very good ceramic coating,but very,very expensive,’GTechniq’ is another very good one.You get what you pay for.