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Foxtel Holiday Season Open Tiers and Multiscreen


As a special holiday season gift, we’ll be providing our Foxtel customers with the following at no extra charge:

more content with access to our full range of Drama, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Documentaries, Reality and Kids2 TV channels and on demand libraries3
access to Multiscreen4, giving expanded access to watch on up to two additional devices at the same time including casting the Foxtel GO4 app to additional TVs
The access to the extra entertainment channels will be available to our Foxtel customers, including those whose Foxtel is provided through Telstra and Optus, until 21 February 2021.

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  • YAY !!!!

  • i didnt realise Foxtel were still around….

  • Awesome - can confirm working

  • +14 votes

    F Foxtel.

  • Just in time for Coast Australia on History Channel.

  • Is this going to be available for Foxtel now customers as well ?

  • Hoaxtel? The guys who make you pay money to watch adverts to add more zeros to Rupert Murdoch’s bank balance? Go on?

  • Paying for ads lmao

    • I was surprised when I saw how much their plans cost and was amazed at how many ad interruptions I got during a single 30min episode, especially considering that cost… Needless to say, cancelled after the trial.

  • How it feels watching Foxtel…


  • My Foxtel Now is letting me watch Nick Jr. when I don't have that as part of my subscription so looks like it's for Foxtel Now as well!!!
    Now I can finally get the Nick Jr. shows I played half way then stopped off of my continue wartching list!

  • +26 votes

    Paying for foxtel is basically giving money to a lobby group that hates Australian Democracy, (profanity) foxtel.

      • +16 votes

        LOL that's some bullshit nonsense News Corp has put in your head, and what's even sadder is you've paid for the priveledge of them living your head rent free!

        • The fact you emotionally cursed foxtel in your first post shows old Rupey lives in your head rent free. Seek professional help.

          Ironic that the left has aligned itself with the same globalist corporate elites they once 'hated', and parrot every agenda line they put out.

          Do your own research Newscorp, ABC and all corporate media are controlled by the same puppetmasters. Left vs right is low iq thinking.

        • Are you saying the ABC is not biased towards the left? Of all those on the left who complain about Murdoch media being biased (clearly is), I never see any prepared to say our public broadcaster isn't biased. Nor can they point those who disagree with them in the direction of unbiased media.
          Censorship is a bad idea, period. Educate people to look at as much as media possible and make their own minds up.

          • @R00D: Do I think the ABC is biased towards the left? Mate I wish it actually was! It’s just a total myth being pushed constantly by the Murdoch press. If it’s biased towards anybody it’s towards it’s two biggest constituent audiences which is inner city greenies and conservative rural voters.

            • @Sidog: I too wish the ABC was on the left… Lets look at the resume of the head of the ABC, appointed by scott morrison, worked as the editor in chief for Murdoch, was on news corps board of directors and also had an affair with kerry packer… seems like the only media on the left is friendlyjordies and theguardian

            • +11 votes

              @Sidog: The ABC has absolutely become biased. Why anyone would wish a public broadcaster would sign up to a political ideology is beyond me.

              I wonder if Sidog actually understands what "the Murdoch press" actually is. News Corp do not own any Australian radio, nor do they own any FTA broadcaster.

              Their mastheads are limited to The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail, The Advertiser (Adelaide), Mercury (Hobart), NT News, The Cairns Post, Gold Coast Bulletin, Townsville Bulletin, Geelong Advertiser and The Weekly Times. Online they own news.com.au

              Their television networks are limited to Fox Sport, Sky News and PARTIAL (65%) ownership of Foxtel, with the remaining 35% owned by Telstra.

              They own betting sites punters and racenet, as well as magazines GQ, Taste and Delicious.

              Everything they offer is behind a paywall, only those who specifically seek it out and pay for it can receive it. They hold the lowest Australian market percentage of every market they play in.

              Now look at Seven Group Holdings (SGH). In the mining and large scale agribusiness sector they own Coates Hire (and Kennards Hire as a subsidiary), SGH Energy, Beach Energy, WestRAC, ALLIGHTSYKES. They also own Seven West Media, which in operates Channel 7 and it's multichannels, with the highest market share in FTA, numerous mastheads and radio stations. Ever wonder why Seven is always extremely vocal against the government on delays in mining projects, but does't negatively cover most mining projects? They have a financial interest.

              Nine Media Pty Ltd own the mastheads Nine.com.au, the SMH, The Age, Brisbane times, WA Today, Financial Review, Sun Herald and Sunday Age and Pedestrian Group (Business Insider, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, POPSUGAR, Open Air Cinemas & a percentage of Tinder). The highest market percentage in each of their respective markets.

              They own the websites Drive, CarAdvice, Domain and more acquired when they purchased Fairfax.

              They own 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, 2UE, 4BH, 6GT & Magic+. Top performing radio in their segments.

              They own streaming services 9Now and Stan, with Stan being the second highest subscribed streaming service in the country after Netflix.

              SGH and Nine have a co-operation agreement in place, where they agree to not tread on each others toes and to push a joint agenda. So, who do you think actually holds the cards in the Australian media landscape Sidog? News Corp with their single digit market shares, or SGH and Nine who combined control 68-79% of every market segment they're in?

              When someone starts talking about "the murdoch press" it's a perfect sign they're just parroting someone else and have no actual idea what they're talking about.

              Oh, and btw just for disclosure. TEN Network Holdings is owned by US company ViacomCBS who in turn are owned by National Amusements who globally own almost as much as Disney. TEN also have a bigger market share than News Corp, coming in just behind Seven and Nine.

              Heck, even ABC have a bigger market share than News Corp. Are News Corp caught in the bias of political ideology? Absolutely. But they're behind paywalls, so the only people seeking them out are those who already have the same bias. Getting caught in anti-news corp propaganda is silly, far more interesting things to spend your time doing.

              • @tjmarx: Saying it how it is. Take my upvote.

              • @tjmarx: This guy has the hots for Rupert.

              • @tjmarx: Thanks for essay mate, sorry but haven't got time or any interest in reading it (I'm not a crazy person)…

                …but yeah obviously it's just not just the Murdoch press, the majority of the media landscape in Australia has a strong right wing bias. Peter Costello is the chairman of Nine Media Pty Lt for instance, and the others aren't much better when you start digging in, but I'm not going to waste my time listing them… I mean does Gina Rhinehart still have a share in channel 10?

                The thing that spins me out about all the right wing nut jobs who are all obssessed with the ABC is they can't handle that one of the major news organistations is a complete right wing propoganda machine for the Liberal/National Parties… they just seem to have a left wing bias, because if your baseline is Sky News for instance then just about anything is going to appear to have a left wing bias in comparson.

            • +4 votes

              @Sidog: You can't be serious? How many conservative commentators are on the ABC? How often do they have anyone on the right getting involved in panel discussions, etc. Many of their shows are completely left biased. Maybe they're not in complete line with what you think or would like to see, they're not pushing any right agenda though. The Greenies are the left, just an extreme brand. Example of ABC pushing rural conservative views?

              It's the left who are pushing propaganda to make people believe Murdoch is the root of all evil, with his media most who comment on don't read… behind paywall, etc. Kevin 'butthurt' Rudd is swindling you.

              Plus, the left have social media all tied up - Twitter, Facebook, etc.

              I'm not saying NewsCorp isn't biased, of course they are. Plus, I'm still waiting for anyone on the left to point me in the direction of unbiased media.

              • @R00D: If you are of the right, you are wrong. If you are of the left, you are not right!

                Free yourself from the pollies control over you. They want you to fight, they want left vs right, they want loony lefties vs right wing crackpot nazis, this is their way to control each and every one of you. People are too indoctrinated on either side, do you think YOU could break out of the system?

                • @disturboed: I'm the one calling out both sides of bias here, why do you think I'm taking a side? You're talking to the wrong person champ.

                  I read both sides and make my mind up for myself. I do agree, plenty of purpose in creating 2 sides in order for people to argue. I just see a lot more from the left inferring only one side of the media has a bias today. This ridiculous idea that censoring Murdoch will free the world or some nonsense, only the ignorant are buying it - a large bracket. I clearly remember the early 2000s when it was the conservatives trying to censor everything. 180 since then.

      • Sky news is bloody brillant. That reminds me. I will need to stock up on some tin foil next week while watching Rowan dean and outsiders.

  • If I already pay for these channel packs, what do I receive instead? Can I have the movie channels for a bit? C'mon Foxtel…

    • Downgrade for 2 months?

    • I had to laugh when I saw in their FAQs:
      What happens if I’m already subscribed to these channels – do I get a credit?
      There will be no change to your package if you’re already subscribed to these channels. We appreciate your loyalty and we hope that you see the value of Foxtel’s extensive range of programming.

  • Awesome I've been missing the channels they gave us access to through early Covid :)

  • They should just give us free movies as well. The full package.

  • +16 votes

    Can people please stop giving money to Murdoch.

  • I love watching Foxtel while browsing the Yellow Pages and sending messages via my facsimile machine

  • +11 votes

    It should be free.

    These double-dipping Foxtel dole bludgers were given $40 million by the feds in the last 3 years and delivered nothing in return.

    • +21 votes


      Keeping tabs on this breathtaking chutzpah of the Murdoch clan:

      News Corp wins Pay TV licence for Foxtel.
      Foxtel makes billions in profits.
      Pays almost no tax.
      Is allowed to take over rivals such as Austar to entrench its monopoly.
      Is given government grants without reasonable explanation.
      News Corp then quietly shifts it overseas.

  • I actually love Foxtel. We only truly have it for the footy but have managed to discover heaps of stuff we love on the basic entertainment pack. I've been riding a $39 deal for years and splitting the cost which makes it much easier to digest though…

    • How many footy matches do you watch? is it truly worth it?
      Netflix $10.99
      Stan $10.00
      Prime $6.99
      Disney pluss $8.99
      All for $36.97 a month and no commercials

      And your supporting Australia's biggest dole bludger

      • +12 votes

        If I can manage I will watch every game of the round of the NRL - not that it usually eventuates, but if I'm home and a game is on I'll watch it. Half of the games aren't even on Ch9. Also just a general sports fan so find value in the exclusive content. Honestly not having to listen to Phil Gould and Rabs is almost worth the price of admission alone.
        I also have Netflix, Stan, YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime & Binge. I'm not trying to compare it's worth to another service, simply in a thread full of hate I'm a happy customer. Not sure how that at all justifies negs?

      • Asking any sports fan if it is worth the price will get you the same answer. Their AFL, NRL, Supercars, F1 coverage is second to none.

    • -2 votes

      Must be a Trump supporter too then, clearly.

    • Same here!

      I happily pay $40/month for no ads during play. I could never go back to the constant ads after each goal like on FTA. It's also the only option for watching F1 and cricket in 4K.

      The on demand stuff HBO shows that are included in the basic ent package has been great lately.

  • Release an AppleTV app already you idiots.

  • Not sure why this is listed as a bargain.. You still need to pay for foxtel which seemed like a huge rip off… and are they still anchored to an ancient set top box when there is….the internet ?

    • Around 2 million Australians have Foxtel, and Foxtel doesn’t advertise the fact these features are included for 2 months.

      It’s a deal for me, my parents have Foxtel so I can use the Go app free for 2 months.

  • Had Foxtel, signal issues/gratuitous amounts of ads for a subscription service is awful. Kayo free trial and streaming platforms available are bargains.

  • horrid service, terrible value. Many better competitors that arent undermining our democracy to boot.

    • Politics aside there aren't any competitors offering 4K sports channels/streams. Its terrible value for anyone that aren't into picture quality I agree. Not surprising that Panasonic stopped selling TV's in Australia because there aren't enough people here that pay for PQ.

    • So cheap, bring politics into it, typical for anyone that is anti foxtel. Not everyone that watches foxtel is watching skynews alot of us just have some disposable income and enjoy what foxtel has to offer.. not skynews, move along, head over to Twitter or Facebook to talk your political crap

  • Existing Foxtel customers, do nothing!… Just lie back and continue paying the lazy tax (i.e. your current subscription). When we were Austar customers we received the occasional loyalty offer. Since Austar was swallowed up by Austar, just escalating charges, loss of channels, re-alignment of packages. Any improvements, they were only ever just on a short-term trial basic, then full charge. Any fancy improvements or added value packaging have only been offered to new subscribers.

    See this link:
    https://www.foxtel.com.au/index.html (subject to change) - "Big Christmas Sale $69* /month"

    " *Min cost $828 on direct debit, based on Sports HD + Netflix bundle with iQ4. New customers only. Includes Netflix 2S and must be redeemed on iQ4. Residential customers and standard install only. Foxtel cancel fee applies. Offer ends 24/12/2020."

    So, if you no longer want to pay the Foxtel "lazy tax", there are some excellent tips on how to re-negotiate with Foxtel @ Whirlpool.net.au at their appropriately named "Foxtel Bargaining" thread: