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P2 Respirator Masks (AU Made) 10 for $10 + Delivery (Free with $50+, Free Express with $100+) @ Respa Guard


We are wrapping up the year with our end of year sale, buy any 10 pack for $10 of our proudly Australian made respirator masks, we are also offering free standard delivery on orders $50 or more and a free express delivery on orders $100 or more.

From our RespaGuard family to yours, we hope you stay safe, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

RespaGuard's respirator masks are exceptionally one of the highest grade P2 respirator masks in the country, achieving particle filtration efficiency of 99%. Head to our about us page to read more.

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  • Yeah the mask man back…..

  • Not really a deal when you've done better in the past

  • Great deal for made in Australia masks - thank you!

    • Does that mean all the materials are also Australian made? Or is it like a Made in Japan Fujitsu laptop that just assembled all the components in Japan.

  • There's going to be a huge oversupply of masks when we're all vaccinated. Hopefully people will actually use them when they know they are sick and need to leave the house anyway. Masks work for the regular cold and flu too.

    • when we're all vaccinated

      OT: I know I will but, y'know, there are some who "chose" otherwise.

      Looking forward, during the start of the year when this was identified as a global pandemic, one of the biggest issue detected was the lack of PPE, particularly facemasks. It was made worst when a lot of countries, including Australia, were (very) highly dependent on China for PPE.

      Moving forward, what is the Federal and local Health Directories going to do? Are we going to continue and buy medical PPE from China? There are some Australian-based business who've stood up manufacturing of, say, facemasks. So what happens then? Will the Australian government support these locally owned-and-operated business?

    • Don't hold your breath on vaccination. They are going to START in March 2021. If you are a middle aged Aussie you'll be lucky to get it before NEXT Christmas. Plenty of time to use up a few masks!

      • Exactly this. Just because we get the vaccine in march 2021 dont mean we all going to get vaccinated right away. It will take months to roll out to everyone.

      • I had a bunch before Covid due to bushfires and asthma. My wife doesn't like these but these are my favourite. I feel good they are Australian made as well, though they could be quicker with the shipping.

  • Time to stock up now before the third wave

  • thank you for making masks in australia.

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      Hi Bargain Huntress,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it has been a long road for all of us here, but one definitely worth it as it's one more product we can stamp "Made in Australia" and support local Australian jobs :)

  • Hi rep, are you able to upload the full test report on your about us page?

    • +1 vote

      Hi cooldude123,

      Will send that feed back to the ops manager, however if you email us on our contact us page we can email you a full copy, hope that helps :)

  • Rep, can you do the 60 for $50 again? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581334

  • RespaGuard will you please consider making these with valves as well? I know they are not so good at preventing the wearer from transmitting infections, but for non-covid uses: they are a god send for people who wear glasses.

  • +4 votes

    Hi 8azinga,

    I will have a chat with the sales manager and see if i can get approval to do that promotion again, if he does give me the go ahead i would need to back date the promo to all orders that have come through yesterday and today and notify customers. Fingers crossed he will approve that promo again and i can post it on here tomorrow :)