How to Measure Cadence on Bike Trainer

Hey OZB’ers

I have my road bike attached to a Tacx non smart bike trainer and ride to GCN’s spin classes. They guide you using cadence and intensity.

Is there a way I can measure this while riding? My current computer relies on GPS so that’s no good to me on the trainer

Thank you in advance for feedback / suggestions



  • Does your current bike computer support speed/cadence sensor via Bluetooth or ANT+? That would be the easiest way to do it.

    I'm guessing it doesn't, so in that case you would probably need a really cheap bike computer that does, along with a speed/cadence sensor. Even if you decide to go back out on the road with your bike, having cadence measurements can be helpful.

    • I have the Cateye Stealth 10 GPS Computer Black so I dont think so? It’s pretty old now.
      I will try and find a cheap one on Wiggle unless you have a recommendation

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    You can either get a cheap standalone bike computer than comes with a cadence sensor, or likely a more expensive option that integrates with your GPS unit that you can also use when riding outdoors.

    • Thank you, will start looking now

  • Does your current bike gps have ant+ or Bluetooth?

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    Bluetooth cadence sensor can also connect to numerous mobile apps like Wahoo Fitness, Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, Cyclemeter.

  • just Find a clock with a second hand/count. Count your pedal revs for 15sec and x4.

    You’ll learn soon enough what cadence you are at. Eg 70 is cruising, 85-90 is a good spin, 110 is pretty damn fast.

  • one of these + the wahoo app on your phone should do it

  • Get yourself a wahoo cadence & speed sensor download the wahoo app on your phone and bobs your uncle.

    If you get yourself a bluetooth dongle you can ride on zwift.

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