Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB - Should I Buy New or Used?

Should I buy for $597 from Officeworks on Vodafone bundle? Means I have to pay extra $50 to unlock.
Or used $500 firm; 5 months with receipt, unlocked, plus Apple Care - August 2022. No box. Christmas present for my daughter.

Advice help please


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    Depends on whether you think your daughter will appreciate the unnecessary box and newness over the used item with useful extras. I personally would rather receive the used item.

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    the used looks like a slightly better deal with the AppleCare+ ($129 new - but when she breaks the screen it's only $45 to fix at the apple store)

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    I'd buy the new one. Apple Care+ is great and all, but she'll be that more thrilled with a brand new one with the box and apple sticker and stuff. And who knows if the used one was dropped, maybe the glass is in a weakened state but looks fine, ready to shatter at a much smaller drop.

    As for replacing a new one if it breaks, compare your contents insurance to Apple Care+. Your contents insurance probably covers theft as well, even if stolen from your car. It may have an excess bigger than AppleCare+, but if it'll replace it if she drops it in the ocean then it's better value.

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    Hmm, your daughter would prefer new I'd imagine. You can tack on AppleCare+ as a monthly cost, by the way. I'd recommend that.

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