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Lamy Safari CANDY Series Fountain Pen $30 (Was $54.95) @ Milligram


Hi OzBargainers,

Just doing my daily browse through of pens, inks and notebooks and happened to come across the lowest price I have ever seen for the LAMY Safari CANDY Series Fountain Pen. Not sure if this is a historic low but again, the lowest I've seen them marked down to.

I personally have many of these LAMY Safari Fountain Pens and can personally vouch for their ruggedness and quality. They are not the finest or well-finished fountain pen but for an RRP for $54.95 they are a great fountain pen and will service you for many, many years. They have been manufactured in Germany since the 1980s and the quality doesn't disappoint.

Milligram is very cool in the way that you can pick nib size when selecting the pen you want.

Happy writing,

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  • Milligram (although I still think of them as notemaker) are a great mob, very happy to support them and to see them get some love here.

    • I regularly buy from pretty much only two stores: Milligram and Bunbougu. Both are based in Melbourne and have very excellent service and follow-up with delivery; I always receive my express packages within 3-4 business days despite living in Regional Queensland in the middle of the Outback. Very impressed and great to see them have this sale.

      • Oh my, thanks for the introduction to Bunbougu! Time to add to next year's crimbo wishlist.

        • No worries mate. I get a 10% off coupon in my package for my next purchase whenever I deal with them; it's awesome. Although I don't think it's a targeted coupon or anything. Happy writing.

  • If you're lucky enough to live near a store, the gift sets are half price at $40 (sold out online, but stock available in store according to their website).

    • I did see that. Crazy prices. I had to buy the converter separately (I wanted to use Japanese ink anyway) but yeah great for anyone wanting to start out and all packaged very neatly.

  • What a coincidence, I was browsing LAMY too, ended up finding it cheaper on Catch, better to check my post.

    • Good find mate and I do agree, great prices. I do note that they don't have these specific CANDY Series fountain pens on sale though in that post. That being said, I love the AL-Star series and the Lx series and these are crazy low prices, so thank you.

  • Can it write upside down?

    • Interestingly enough, yes.

      Although the amazing grip on these Safari pens pretty much encourages the traditional tripod grip so it feels super off if you try and hold it upside down.

  • Thanks mate

  • Nice one OP. Have bought one to add it to the Lamy collection. Got the “F” nib this time as I find the “M” to be a little too broad.

    • You're correct mate. I have very small handwriting so I tend to use the "F" nib as well. Don't forget that LAMY Nibs are interchangeable. :)

  • Anyone have ink recommendations?

  • Thanks OP. Got a Fine this time :)

  • Those who need ink ! The Mango 50ml is half price for $10.00

    Really nice pop of colour to go with the candy series!