Where to Get Posters from and How to Hang Them?

just looking for some prints/posters to hang on my walls and I have got some questions.

1- I am thinking of getting around 8-10. So what is the cheapest site to buy from? Ebay? Aliexpress? or https://www.bluedogposters.com.au/? or would it be cheaper to get them printed at Officeworks?

2- Where to get frames from? IKEA seems the cheapest as far I could see. Getting from the local framing shop shouldn't be so cheap I think?

3- And what to use these framed posters to hang onto the walls? 3M stickers are good enough to carry metal and wooden framed posters? Any alternatives? I don't want to leave any stains on the walls when I remove them.


  • The reject shop often has cheap frames, not sure how good you want them to be but I have a few and they are fine.

  • I use Kmart poster frames. They have clear plastic rather than glass, so are light for their size. I then unscrew the mountings they have for hooks and wire, and instead use 4x 3M command strips (Velcro style ones) so it sits nice and flush against the wall.

    • The kmart frames are very good value but I find the plastic more reflective than glass. Go figure.