Apple iPhone Warranty Only Shows 1 Year ? Receipt NO BOX

Want to buy second hand iPhone se 2020. When I checked imei purchase date shows 2020-08-03. Seller says warranty till 08-22 but apple shows no tech support warranty expires 2021-08-02. Seller says under Australian consumer law apple is 2 years warranty. But I can’t chat to apple support about this as says I’m not eligible. Help please. I’m buying on gumtree but he has 6 iPhones on eBay they all have receipts but NO BOX? Can it be trusted? I asked for him to upload but he hasn’t. Advice please


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    Yes, he's correct. All Australian sold apple products have 1+1 year warranty.

  • Will PayPal cover me?

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      Hell no. Nothing will cover you on Gumtree

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      • The pros and cons for 'cash in hand' differs for buyers and sellers.
        (There is zero chance to get your money back if you pay by cash).

        • There is 1% chance to get your koney back paying by PayPal, bank or any other transfer.

          Is it worth it?

          • @Blue Cat: There is more than 1% chance, especially if funded with CC.
            Sellers don't hate Paypal for no reason.

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    Don't buy it then

  • Also risk being scammed with a bricked phone, felt sorry for the person that got their iPhone icloud locked out afterwards

  • Apple now specifically mention the consumer law bit. But certain kinds of common damage to a phone won't be covered under either Apple warranty or consumer law warranty. Your kid will claim they didn't drop it, but Apple have little sensors in there that prove otherwise.

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    I’m buying on gumtree but he has 6 iPhones on eBay they all have receipts but NO BOX

    Surely that raises alarm bells for other people and not just me!?
    In what scenario do you end up with 6 legit iPhones with receipts but no boxes.

    • This, OP. That phone is stolen and will be activation locked in a week.

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    If it doesn't feel right, then chances are it is not.
    Nothing about this passes the pub test, it'll end in tears, don't do it.

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    TL;DR I personally wouldn’t purchase an iPhone from that seller.


    I am going to be splitting hairs here, but bear with me…

    Apple does not offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on iPhones originally purchased in Australia. They only offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty in Australia in addition to Australian consumer law coverage (which they are obliged to provide in Australia). Australian consumer law coverage is not strictly identical to Apple’s manufacturer’s warranty, but they are so similar that you could consider them the same…

    • If you have an iPhone that was originally purchased in Australia (e.g. from an Apple store in Australia, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, etc), it will come with the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty in addition to Australian consumer law coverage. Australian consumer law coverage covers the item for a reasonable period of time, and Apple has interpreted this to be a minimum of 24 months for iPhones, but this is only if you take the device to an Australian Apple store (or Australian authorised Apple service provider) during months 13 to 24. You could also ask the original retailer to deal with this during months 13 to 24, but they will likely send the device off to Apple or an authorised repairer. You also may be able to get repairs or a replacement beyond 24 months, but this will come down to Apple’s (or the service provider’s) discretion. I’ve had an iPad Pro replaced almost 26 months from the date of purchase at an Apple store free of charge without any issues.
    • If you have an iPhone that was originally purchased outside of Australia, it only comes with the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you take it to an Australian Apple store or an Australian authorised Apple service provider for repairs between months 13 and 24, they will tell you it is not covered under the Australian consumer law and you will need to pay for repairs yourself. The Apple store or an authorised Apple service provider may be nice and repair or replace the device free of charge if it was in month 13, but I wouldn’t necessarily bank on that.


    The point is that only an iPhone originally sold in Australia comes with Australian consumer law coverage in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, so you need to verify that it was originally purchased in Australia. There is no 100 percent perfect way to confirm this unless you physically take the device to an Apple store or authorised Apple service provider (they can check at which retailer and location an item was originally purchased!), so here some ways you could do to increase your confidence the item was originally purchased in Australia:

    • View a copy of the original receipt. The issue with this method is that one could forge a receipt to make it look like it was originally sold at a particular retailer…
    • Copy the IMEI number into Telstra’s EPOW tool. This only works for iPhones originally sold by Telstra.
    • Check the model number.

    In regards to the last point above, there are actually two model numbers assigned to an Apple device:

    • The “A” number. For the iPhone SE (2020), the three “A” model numbers are A2275, A2296 and A2298. iPhone SEs sold in most of the world (including Australia) have the model number A2296. The other models mentioned here are either sold in the US or China.
    • The actual model number. Each configuration of an iPhone model (i.e. storage size, colour) has its own unique model number. This model number also indicates the region it was originally sold in, as well as whether the device was a retail, replacement, refurbished or personalised device. The Apple device model page I linked above mentioned there are four different starting letters, but I have only seen the M and N prefixes for devices sold second-hand in Australia. Please note there is also a 3 prefix, which signifies the device is a demo unit (and you should stay away from them where possible).

    You can find the model numbers in Settings > General > About and then press on the Model Number row to toggle between the two model number variants.

    NOTE: The following advice only applies for iPhone SEs with a M starting letter for its model number:

    • The letter(s) in between the last 2 and the / indicate the region the device was originally sold in. The letter X is for Australia and New Zealand. For example, the model number MXAN2X/A should be for a white iPhone SE 64GB sold in Australia and New Zealand. Please note Australia and New Zealand share the same region identifier, so there may still be a chance a device with the X region identifier was actually originally sold in New Zealand…

    The dot point above should also be true for model numbers starting with 3 (i.e. demo units), but you should stay away from demo units, since I don’t think Apple permits demo units to be sold to members of the public (but I could be wrong…), plus I don’t think Apple provides any warranty coverage on demo units.

    If the first letter of the model number is N (i.e. a replacement device from Apple), the model number convention goes wacky, since Apple don’t seem to follow their own rules for regions in regards to replacement units. For example, my replacement iPad has the B as the region indicator, and I have also seen LL for some replacement iPads and iPhones being sold in eBay.


    With that complicated guff out of the way, I personally wouldn’t purchase an iPhone on Gumtree unless it’s an older device more than two years old that also required repairs. (I am the sort of person who loves tinkering around with electronics, but that’s me…)

    Have you also done an IMEI check to make sure the iPhone is not already IMEI blocked? Granted, it is always possible that someone could block the iPhone’s IMEI after you purchase it…

    I am assuming you have also done a Find My check with the IMEI number to verify that Find My is turned off?

    • Find My can only be turned on if an iCloud account is signed into on the device.
    • Find My being turned off does not necessarily mean the device is not attached to any iCloud account, since you can switch off Find My, but be still signed into an iCloud account on the device. To me, Find My being turned off usually means there is no iCloud account signed into this device.

    There are some websites across the internet that can check whether an iPhone has Find My turned on based on the device’s IMEI number, but these websites are admittedly more dodgy than the Apple website…

    Also, what is the issue with not having the box?

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      my goodness. this is a whole essay. bravo!!

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      Too long; did actually read.

      Thanks for the info!

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