Help deciding on sofa - Adriatic vs Plush

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Hey guys, looking for a new leather couch, narrowed down to 2 options one from Adriatic and one from Plush.

The Adriatic one is a little bigger, and a bit more expensive – 3k, but in my eyes a little bit nicer (albeit similar)
The cushion is supposedly feather + fibre, which I hear is more comfortable but more maintenance?

The Plush one is a little smaller and a bit cheaper about 2.2k
The cushion is foam

Leather wise they feel and seem pretty similar, both I believe are semi analine, top grain.

Does anyone have info that can help me make this decision? Maybe experience with the retailer? Or maybe someone who knows more about couches can help me decide!

Thanks in advance!


  • Can't answer your question, but Plush is now sending me free leather swatches. Thanks OP!

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    Few questions, do you have an air con, do you sit on the couch nude and odds of leaving a skid mark?

    Leather for easier cleaning or fabric if you're in a warm room and don't want to stick to it on a hot day.

  • The Plush looks softer in that default photo, but different in all the other photos. The Adriatic looks fancier, but that texture on the leather looks cheap. I've forgotten what you said each cost, but the Plush looks more comfortable and doesn't look bad so that's all that matters?

  • The Plush one is $2.2k. The Adriatic one is $3k.

    I ve sat on both of them, they feel about the same comfort wise, and the leather quality feels similar.

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      Armrests are way better on the Plush Dane. Would get that one.

    • @on1, did you end up buying one and what's your verdict? Thanks.

  • I recently got $4000 5 Seater sofa for $800. It was floor stock but in perfect condition.

    My friend also recently got Bargain price from Domayne. He got $4000 floor stock for $1000.

    Why not just shop around and you may get a bargain

  • Plush shot themselves in the foot with us. We were close to picking one of their sofas and the salesman took so long showing us through different fabric options that we started finding the sofa uncomfortable after sitting on it for 20 minutes or so.

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    I find lying down on sofas helps. I need to be able to sleep on them (escaping my husbands snorning). The depth of the sofa (where you sit on) is really important for sleeping, the deeper the better. I liked the one with the thicker arms (better for a pillow for sleeping on) but the one with thicker arms looked longer.

  • Genuine question but do people find these types of sofas comfortable? I always find they promote bad posture and slouching.

    In any case, I like the look of the plush and the armrests look more comfortable

    • Definitely these deep forms induce more lounging rather than comfortable sitting or sitting in combination thereof.

  • Why not have a look at >

  • Hey OP,

    Just wondering what did you buy in the end? I'm about to buy the Dane Plush, so would love to hear your experience

    • We bought an Adriatic at the end, because we liked the design a bit more.

  • No experience with Adriatic, but.

    We got a plush modular lounge suite, 6 seater, electric recliner, USB, chaise etc.. July last year. Leather is very soft and electronics work great and proportions are good too, good for upright seating and lounging.

    We ordered during the middle of the pandemic and their supply lines were shortened and it just seemed like they rushed the delivery and the leather hadn't "cured" or matured or whatever it is. For the first two months absolutely anything would mark it. Dirty fingerprint, splash of coke, dropping a bit of food. Regardless of how quickly and vigorously we removed the offending item it left a stain. Now 18 months on you could spill a glass of wine, or a heap of food and it just wipes clean off without a mark.

    The saving grace for us was the Plush-Shield, quasi-insurance policy. Despite some poor reviews on the internet, they were prompt and professional once you provided them with what they needed and the technician left our lounge better than new despite a deep red wine stain, coke stains and some other various stains from the early months of owning it. Can't recommend the Plush-Shield (not the cleaning products) insurance policy more highly!

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