Recommendation for New Home Theater System for < $2000

Can someone please recommend a good 5.1 system including the av receiver for home.And also a link/price for a the best price i should target for boxing day?

Need this for the TV in lounge room. Also have a 110 retractable screen connected to a projector in the same room.

I saw this and maybe i'll wait for a similar deal? :


  • wow that budget. business is going well, VC ?

  • Recommendation : Increase the budget

    • Maybe I can wait for couple of months and increase the budget
      Would you suggest a decent system and approximate price to keep in mind ?

  • At that budget go a high end sound bar.

    • I have a sound bar
      And can increase my budget in couple of months

      Would you suggest a decent system/price ?

      I have absolutely no idea about speakers

      For example

      would this be a decent system to get?

      • What are you trying to achieve?

        Do you want loud, clear or both?

        Do you want directional audio? Do you want it precise or would you like it blended?

        Do you want fuller range speakers that produce more bass, making directional, action noises more realistic and music generally sound better or would you prefer smaller speakers so your house isn't cluttered?

        Do you own your own house or are you renting? If you own, would you consider wall mounted speakers if a clean look is important? Is this feasible with your walls (access to roof space above the room you want to install and framed walls)?

        If you want to wall install, are you competent in roof spaces. If not, are you willing to risk thousands on dollars of damage or would you increase your budget for professional installation?

        How many devices do you want to connect to the system? What is your TV? Are you upgrading any devices soon?

        I am not doing home AV at the moment so I am not going to try to sell you anything, but my information is about a year out of date.

  • I'm looking at the klipsch cinema 1200 soundbar.. But it seems it only does the Dolby formats, not DTS

  • So this home theatre system is including the Receiver and Speakers?

  • The Sony STR-DN1080 is an excellent receiver (as long as you don't need HDMI 2.1) and if you can get it under $900, you're leaving yourself a good chunk for the rest.
    Spend $1000 on used 5.1 speakers. This will get you an awesome sounding system at a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay for it.
    Or buy the Q Acoustics 3030i speakers for your fronts at $600. Then buy separate sub, center and surrounds used.