Public Holiday Surcharge on Saturday 26/12/2020

So I grabbed my meal at a local restaurant in Brisbane and I had to pay 15% public holiday surcharge for my meal.

When I checked the list of Queensland public holidays in 2020, I couldn't find 26/12/2020 listed. The question is, can they charge the extra 15% claiming it's public holiday surcharge? Also, is it illegal?


  • ripped, monday is the public holiday

  • Public holidays

    Boxing day Saturday 26 December and Monday 28 December


    On this list you get 26th and 28th as boxing day public holidays

  • What if the restaurant still charges the extra on the dates in between the public holidays? They still charge this extra 15% through the whole end of December period.

    • Tbh if I feel that strongly about the surcharge I’ll just skip eating out. It’s not a compulsary activity.

  • If you work the 26th and the 28th will the staff get paid public holiday rates?
    I know my workplace is only paying those rates for one or the other…otherwise its considered double dipping.
    I think the restaurant is justified if its paying employees the higher rate…
    Its a common practice even if it does seem unjustified.

    • My old company in retail did when I used to work in retail i.e. pay double time and a half for all public holidays

      • So did my old company that is why we wouldn't work as it was our lowest paid o/time when you considering you would get paid 8 hrs of it whether you went to work or not.

  • I think restaurants should raise their prices 1% to cover the costs of penalty wages of the whole year. Some small businesses though, I guess business is so good on public holidays that their ovens and stuff are operating at max capacity so they can afford to slug you extra. So maybe they raised their prices 2% and they slug you with this 15% on top of that, they clearly don't give a damn about customer experience.

    • Your customer experience is being able to stroll into your favourite eatery on a public holiday and be served on the spot.

      They can choose to shut their doors and you'd be here complaining about that.

      • I mean yeah if they closed just because they didn't want to pay their workers, yes that'd be pretty inconvenient. If they closed because they want to spend time with their families and wanted to give their staff some time off, then I'd feel different about that too. If they close on every holiday though purely to prove a point by not having to pay staff any penalty though, then clearly they didn't think their product was anywhere near a service people should rely on throughout the year. Shows lack of faith in their own product or service, but a lot of faith in the almighty dollar.

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      I don’t run a restaurant, but based on your theory you don’t run one either ;)

      Restaurants are for profit, they still have to pay for rent/staff/ingredients/etc… I don’t think every restaurant turns a profit everyday, you see many don’t survive.

      I avoid eating out on those surcharge days, unless it is KFC or McD lol.