Second Hand Car - CX-5 v RAV4

I am in the market for a second hand car, I have narrowed it down to CX-5 (2014-2016) and RAV4 (2014-2016) based on budget.

Which one would you pick between the 2 and why? Any other reliable car in the same segment and price bracket? Any tricks negotiating with dealers?

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    2014 - 2016 cx-5
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    2017 cx-5
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    2014 -2016 Rav4
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    2017 Rav4


  • Why would you care what I would choose?

    Buy the one you want.

    Do your usual checks, background, service, ppsr, independent mech etc…

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      Why would you care what I would choose?

      Why would you ask that? That’s kinda what everyone does on this forum and you aren’t new here.

      Now all we need is a poll.

    • dont pay more than 3 bucks for your ppsr! The first few results on google are all rip offs. The government one is a few down and only charges a couple of bucks.

  • Toyota and Mazda are both reputable Japanese brands - choose the car which is in better condition and which you like better.

  • What's the budget? 20-25k?

    If you can stretch to the facelifted 2017 CX-5 that would be my pick. A lot more safety tech in it compared to the previous model and looks 100x better.
    But out of those two, probably the Rav4 in a GXL if you can find one. Take both for a drive and see which you prefer, they're both reliable vehicles if they've been looked after.

    • Yes 20-25k… Rav4 seems to be fleet favorite, too many ex fleet.

      2017 cx-5 noted!

      • I have a 2014 rav4 cruiser. Was $47000 RRP, picked up this year for $23000. Really happy with everything ticks all the boxes. One major issue is the exhaust is designed and built with a very low clearance and only God and Toyota know why, so expect to scrape over some speed bumps sometimes and don't take it off-road even though it is a 4WD. One minor issue is the Sports mode button is in a turd of a position, u have to lean forward toward the glove box to engage it which is really annoying when compared to the Corolla which smartly put it near the hand break. I've gotten used to the Sports mode button but the low clearance exhaust is unforgivable which I believe is fixed 2017 and beyond?

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    Create a poll if you want to follow the OzB crowd’s choice.

  • Much the same. But reliability is really only important to a point. Get something you like.

  • both equally reliable. if you want a CX-5 get at least 2015 as the screen got updated. I would pick the Cx-5 as its much more comfy and feels more upmarket inside

  • Like I said to another poster recently, my butt is different to yours, you need to go and test drive and see which one your butt likes. For me, they are an equivalent vehicle in size, reliability etc so it comes down to personal preference.

    At least this post is asking us to compare between very similar vehicles, not a random selection of anything wth 4 wheels.

    There aren’t many tricks with negotiating. Start low and work your way to an agreeable amount, don’t purchase extras when they send you to the ‘Ming mole’.

    Once you’ve settled on a price never ever look at the price of comparable vehicles, it just leads to heartache.

  • I have tried both, Rav4 has more grunt, cx-5 better interior.

  • RAV4 better in awd guise due to the 2.5L over the 2.0L (for those who can handle the extra power lol)

    Otherwise as above, go with what you feel, both are good cars. Could always get base trim and spend $1k or so upgrading stereo system to a new aftermarket unit with AA/Carplay

  • If your budget stretches, get the CX5 in the 2.5l turbo petrol, seems very zippy on sealed roads.

  • CX-5, can't recommend the RAV4 as it has a rather poor interior. Don't go for a diesel CX-5 though (the diesel engine is unreliable), go for a 2015/2016 petrol CX-5. Avoid 2014 as its missing some things that 2015/2016 models have.

  • go read the Prushemi thread….Plenty of great car advice on there

  • We had RAV4's as fleet vehicles. A colleague bought a CX-5 as a result of driving the RAV. The RAV4's seem extraordinarily thirsty compared to the Mazda in his experience and I couldn't believe how much juice they chewed through. Not a particularly comfortable vehicle either so I vote CX-5

  • These toys are 30k new… how much are you going to spend on a 7 year old vehicle that was designed to last 2 years, and maintained to complete duration of warranty?


    • For a base model 2wd maybe….The budget is 20-25k so can get something much newer than a 2014 and higher spec than a base model 2wd.
      For around 25k you can pick up something like this Maxx Sport AWD which is over 40k new. Will still have 2-3 years of it's 5 year, unlimited km warranty.

      Neither of these vehicles are designed to last 2 years, you mustn't have ever owned a Mazda or Toyota?

    • Last 2 years?

  • no Camry option?

    • I know this is ozbargain and a Camry must be mentuoned, but I’m sure the rav is a wagon equivalent of the Camry. ,

  • Anyone know if there is a way to find previous sale type ? Dealers keep saying that they don't know much about previous owners