What New Phone to Purchase? (Budget $800)

I've been using an S8 for the past two years, and today I have unfortunately cracked the screen. It's still usable, but I'm starting to look for another phone.

What do you guys recommend? I bought my S8 brand new for $699, so something around that price would be good. I have also used iPhones before so I don't mind.

Thanks in advance!


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    Jees how long is a piece of string?! Maybe narrow it down to a top 3 or something.

  • Do you want another Android or an iPhone?

  • get the one you want that suits your needs

  • Google Pixel 4A and is around the same size as your old Samsung S8 and fits into that budget of around $600. Or for a little bit more the Google Pixel 4A 5G.

    For an iphone perhaps the iPhone SE (2020) or the Xr? But for around $600-700 I would go for the Pixels.

  • For $700 probably either Pixel 4A or iPhone XR

  • OP create a poll, so you can follow the crowd here :)

  • New iPhone SE or whatever Android in the same price range comes to closest to it in real world benchmarks might be the way to go. I believe the SE is faster than any Android on the planet, so don't bother looking for an Android faster than it.

  • Gumtree. Got a brand new 12 128gb for $900 before Xmas. Only do cash face to face though.

    • What if the seller then report the phone as lost?

      • I sold it on ebay lol for a tidy profit.

  • S20 FE 4g, $599 - don't know if its still running though.

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