Sony A7III Camera (Body Only) $2294 (RRP $2599) @ Parramatta Cameras

Seems like a decent deal - I know its not as cheap as it has been but wondering if post these sales the prices will remain around the 2800ish mark.

Would love to hear any thoughts? :)


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    It's good but I recommend going to the Sony Store and using the Price Match feature on the product page. They take upto 24 hours to add the item at the new price to your cart and the benefit of this is that you can also use 5% cashrewards cashback.

  • How would I use the cashrewards when the item is already added to my cart?

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      With Sony Store, it works. But to be safe, I go through CashRewards and leave the window open til they approve the match. The other benefit of doing this is that the item pricematch only needs to be approved once, and will stay in your cart for weeks until you purchase it - essentially allowing you to extend sales and decide later

      I just did this and mine was approved within 5 minutes

  • Price match sent and went through Cash Rewards. Lets see how long it takes.

    • That's the Ozbargain spirit. Keep me updated! This should net you a saving of an additional $64.23

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    I cannot believe at one point this camera was easily attainable for 2k (au stock too!).

    Wild times.

    • Feels bad when you did not buy.
      Although hoping for an a7IV with an upgraded resolution screen and viewfinder. It is now out matched by newly released low end crop sensor cameras in those areas.