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30% off Range of Fragrances & Gift Sets @ Myer


Pretty decent discount for Fragrances but for 1 Day Only

30% Off range of Fragrances & Gift sets

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  • Still overpriced.

    • Way overpriced! Bought the gf 2 gift sets for Christmas and paid $98 from CW.

      Myer wants $148 alone for the perfume.

      Most of the good gift sets are only 30ml too not 80ml or 100ml.

      • CW does make a good bargain but at a cost for consumers. You will find the same perfume but the smell lasts you only a short while because they are old stock

        Do a comparison and you’ll find yourself buying from Myer’s and DJ

        • Not correct at all, at all. I did the comparisons and it's not true, they are absolutely identical.

          Just different sourcing, CWs aren't 2nd grade or leftovers, they are genuine retail units.

          The point is to use the fragrance at IT'S season, not when you feel like wearing something and always apply it on clothing, never on skin.

          You can check stock by going online and entering the batch code (checkfresh.com for example) that's located either on the box, bottle or both. Shelf-life should be 5 years approx.

          • @drazenm: They are identical. High chance of difference sourcing for higher designer brands, but not for cheap brands like Delta.

            Problem with different sourcing is the quality assurance and storage. Fragrance is temperature and light sensitive. I've seen some CW store perfumes against the glass window where the sun can shine.

            • @Ughhh: As far as I knew, perfume was in cardboard boxes and sealed.

              I heard from someone who works at CW head office that Myer buy from the same supplier and on some perfumes they even split shipments.

              • @Combo64: Cardboard boxes and sealing alone does not prevent the perfumes from going off. The boxes and thus what's inside, can still get warm.

                Same supplier is probably true, but only for some fragrances.

        • +1 vote

          Personally, I have found the same as you. My perfumes from Myer are much stronger and last longer than ones bought from cheaper places like CW or online discount places.

          I also think it is a lot to do with how they are stored, as the ones in CW are usually displayed outside in the heat or inside the store with no air conditioning.

  • 30% off is standard at this time of year.

  • It has been like this for days. Not sure how come it is for 1 day.

  • Are the ones in CW lower quality or different batch? How come there’s so much price difference?

    • They are identical just different sourcing.

    • They are identical. Some people really are wrapped up in consumerism here.

      Once I took a perfume into Myer which was bought from CW to compare the difference and the products were identical. Yet the lady at Myer insisted it was fake because it wasn't purchased from Myer and at half price.

      They will pull any bullshit to consumers to charge them a $60 premium.

      It's also why we won't be seeing Myer within the next 2 years.

      From their $700 global knives which are $280 everywhere else to $160 perfume which is $80 everywhere else, the list goes on.

      If you're also so concerned about CW, then buy from Priceline, they price match.