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New​ Promo for new Celsians, First Deposit bonus $20USD BTC for a low deposit of $20USD.

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For Cel hodlers we are now at $5USD, absolute epic run from $0.13 Cents on my first post. That $10 free Cel is now worth over $384USD

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  • Wish I saw it earlier but I got in at around $AU1.2 so still stoked!

  • Get $30 in Bitcoin*
    Promo Code: WEB30 but after depositing USD200

    Can stack with this?

  • Bitcoin is up 35% since i mentioned it and people downvoted me in another thread lol. Major bullrun will happen over the next 1-2 years

    • I've been holding off on getting bitcoin for a while now thinking "ohhh, it'll crash again soon" but it kinda just keeps on climbing, ahh well, plenty of others to choose from

      • Yeah like DOT

      • Historically, everytime BTC breaks another ATH it goes on a massive bull run. Don't be too suirprised at 100k USD btc in the future.

        Crypto adoption is everywhere now. Samsung, Paypal, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft are all in some way involved. A lot of money on the table, once the dust settles the next generation billionaires will have formed from crypto similar to the dot com bubble.

        • similar to the dot com bubble

          There is the important bit.

          • @netjock: Yep make sure you're not in some shitcoin. But during bull-run everything is fair game.

            Bitcoin is a blue chip anyway and will be around long after any bubble pops.

          • @netjock: Look at what the dot com stocks did after the crash? Even if you got Google and Apple before the crash, you'd still be rich today. The trick is to pick the Googles and Apples of Crypto and not the pets.com of Crypto and you'd be fine, even if there's a huge crash, which has happened many times in Bitcoin's history.

            • @techlead: IF you picked the right stocks. You said it. Same with all investments. Backing the right horse. Just because you are making money today don't expect it to be happening tomorrow. This time isn't different. You're not a top coin picker, there is always these people with midas touch and end up falling flat on their face.

              You are the person who time after time says about how much you made on crypto and don't invest in property. I am not sure you invest in anything else but it sounds like putting all your eggs in the one basket or you're just trying to sucker everyone else in.

              Always be suspect of those people who are too enthusiastic about one thing and think it is a sure fire win. As we know in life nothing is sure fire.

        • Dec 18 saw ATHs too, and then it fell back dramatically in Jan/Feb.

          • @OzzyBrak: Dramatic is March, December is a very small correction from 28.5k for crypto.

            • @shadowangel: 2017-12-26 - Close $21,213.7
              2018-02-05 - Close $8,447.5
              btc markets in aud.

              Yes, I've cherry picked the dates. But it hit a low of $11,700.01 on the 17th Jan 18 too. Which is a big paper loss for most people to hodl onto during that time.

              • @OzzyBrak: This is why you dollar cost average. I periodically bought throughout the bear market. My volume weighted average cost of Bitcoin is very low since I started buying from 2013.

    • I got massively downvoted as well supporting Bitcoin. Ozbargain community seems to like property and not like money haha. It is indisputable that Bitcoin has been one of the best investments in the last 10 years. If I had a time machine to go back 10 years, I'd spend every cent I have on Bitcoin.

      Property investment returns sucks when all costs has been accounted for, it makes no sense. The only exposure in property I have is owning my own house, that's it.

      • Cost average, no need for large investments. Celsius helps with interest too which compounds weekly.

        • Yep, that's what I have been doing. I made a massive buy at $500USD, then just kept buying periodically ever since. All through the bear market.

          • @techlead:

            Cost average, no need for large investments.

            Yep, that's what I have been doing. I made a massive buy at $500USD

            That is a contradiction isn't it?

      • Haha, the delusional property investors are at it again. All good, enjoy your massive debt and your maintenance costs. :D

        • generally people tend to be more risk averse when investing in large amounts. Property over many decades has proven to be a safe investment vehicle though the returns are questionable. general crowd that invest in property look for positive cashflow over time and not massive jump in interest in short period of time. you can't compare this with high risk/return crypto market.

        • delusional property investors are at it again

          Well we know people call others delusional until they figure out they aren't. The hubris in your comments.

          • @netjock: The hubris comes from results. I'm still trying to figure out whether these property investors are getting some secret cash I'm not aware of.

            I have modelled everything, the tax incentives, all the costs etc and property investing just doesn't make sense.

            Its now just over 7 years since I started my crypto journey, I can retire now. Most property investors 7 years in are still in crippling debt. That's where my hubris come from.

        • Damn right they are. I think generally everyone around me are happy to continue this rat race as their currency devaluates.

          • @raiseyoursteaks: This is because financial education is not being taught in schools, they have no concept of inflation and what that means for the economy. They think $20 today is gonna worth $20 tomorrow, $20 is always $20, right? So hoard as much cash as possible. :D

            Also, people like to pay the lazy tax. They either don't want to find better ways or just too comfortable with their rat race routines. Companies love it. The fact that billions of savings are kept at CBA is very telling. The interest rate for the CBA savings account is criminally low, rational investors would never go for those rates, yet billions are still being kept there at these low rates. Can't figure that one out…..

            With Osoko instant payments, there's no excuse. I regularly transfer to my CBA transaction account to pull out of the ATM when I needed trash (aka cash) from another account with a higher interest rate. At all other times, my CBA account have $0.

            • @techlead: When you have more than the 250K Government guarantee, and you need a safe place to store cash people pick CBA. If you needed to put 10 million somewhere, and be as close to zero risk as possible, most people choose CBA. Plus they have a decent high wealth arm that deals with how much they should pay on the money while it sits there.

              No one is putting 10 million into a big bank to earn on that money, they are accepting a very low amount just to ensure it is safe and will be available on demand for when they do need it. If you look at Australian Government bonds part of the most recent sale was -0.1%, so investors agreed to negitive interest just for the guarantee that they money was safe.

              • @OzzyBrak:

                If you look at Australian Government bonds part of the most recent sale was -0.1%, so investors agreed to negitive interest just for the guarantee that they money was safe.

                High net individuals are usually financially smarter than the rest. One would hope that they don't invest their money on melting ice cubes nor keep it in fiat that is on fire.

                • @whooah1979: No one is 'investing' money by putting it in the bank. They are holding it before using it for something else. If you had 10 million that you needed to still be worth 10 million in 6 months, you wouldn't touch BTC, stocks or property. BTC could be worth half it's value in 6 months.

                  Either way I'm done here, each time BTC hits ATH you get the financially illiterate shouting about how great they are at 'investing'. They go really quiet in Feb when BTC falls dramatically.

                  • @OzzyBrak:

                    If you had 10 million that you needed to still be worth 10 million in 6 months, you wouldn't touch BTC, stocks or property. BTC could be worth half it's value in 6 months.

                    I had $10m in cash, then I wouldn't keep in fiat and definitely not go anywhere near legacy banks with it. I would keep it in either tangible and/or digital assets. One could comfortably live off the assets over the 6mth (or a few years) while waiting out a bear market using an ELOC or a CDP.

                    The markets that matters are close to or at an ATH. It's been a good year for investing as long as one didn't invest in fiat.

                  • @OzzyBrak: The issue is, Bitcoin seem to hit ATH quite often haha. So you are going to have to get use to those people. How much do you know about Bitcoin? Do you know what the halvening is?

                    I get your point about an idle pile of $10 million cash, but realistically, how many people have $10 million just sitting there in a CBA account? Just anecdotally, I personally know people who only banks with one bank (one of the big 4) and keep all their savings there at very low rates. They certainly don't have $10 million just sitting there.

                    With that said, companies are starting to use Bitcoin as reserve asset, MicroStrategy has bought $447 million USD worth of Bitcoin, now worth more than $770 million USD and they plan to buy more. This is their reserve asset, so they wouldn't be trading in and out of it very often.

                    Bitcoin is an investment, just like gold and silver and other commodities. BTC is volatile, however it has proven to keep its value. Since Bitcoin's existence from 2009, it has chalked up a higher low every single year except for 2015. That's not a bad record.

                    I definitely wouldn't go quiet, I've been in Bitcoin since 2013, so I know the cycle. If it drops, I buy more, that's what I have been doing since the all time high in 2017. Bitcoin will "crash", I just buy when it does and it will, just a matter of time.

                    By that same logic, property prices have yet to hit their all time highs in 2017/2018, when will those people get a chance to brag about their gainz haha. :P Probably not for a while, especially when all the costs and expenses has been factored in, eg stamp duty, council fees, utilities, strata if unit/apartment/townhouse etc etc.

                    • @techlead: I've got no issues with long term bitcoin investment, and I'm really happy people are making decent fiat doing it.

                      I'm less keen on people making out bitcoin is the best thing ever to buy to new users right at the peak of a fresh ATH. Those people generally lose money. And I'm suspect on how this celsius network makes any money that isn't just a pure ponzi scheme where the fresh deposits are paid out as 'interest' to existing users.

                      As you can see above, whooah1979 is so disconnected from reality that they don't think a big 4 bank is a safe place to put 10 million to be sure it's worth 10 million in 6 months. It's one of the primary reasons that bank exists, to store wealth safely for their customers.

                      • @OzzyBrak: What whooah1979 said is that if he/she had $10mil he/she wouldn't keep it in fiat, from the comment above.

                        I agree with that. Cash is trash. You are only losing money if you keep your $10 mil in fiat (ie in a CBA cash savings account). If I had $10 mil cash, it wouldn't remain cash for very long.

                        I don't doubt that a big 4 bank is a "safe place" to put money, as in, I'm confident that CBA will not swindle me out of my money. As for the loss of buying power due to the loss of value of the fiat I own, that's not the fault of CBA or any other Big 4 bank for that matter.

      • You can’t live in Bitcoin

        • People should DYOR before posting that something is or isn't possible. It's been widely reported that people may live years on gains from digital assets.

        • Are you just trolling?

          Of course you can live in Bitcoin, you sell it for cash and buy a house outright. You can live in that, no mortgage.

          Or, you can realise some of the gains and pay rent.

      • In the words of Andy Rachleff, "in order for something to be an investment, it has to have a cash flow. If it doesn't have a cash flow, it's a speculation". Bitcoin is not investing it's speculation, just like buying gold or currency.

        • My Bitcoin interest account begs to differ. What about property investors with negative cashflow? Is that speculation as well?

          Also, Bitcoin holders are looking to retire now, especially those who bought before 2016.

    • WARNING: There is invert correlation between BTC and DXY ( I lets you work it out). I (and ATO) also enjoy the upside of BTC. But one must also beware of the retracement of it. Only risk 1% guys. DM me if you want more tips

    • Crash in January incoming

      • Pullbacks are a great opportunity to accumulate more assets. It's a sign of a healthy market.

      • A crash is definitely coming, so what?

        All in USD
        Bitcoin went to $10 then "crashed" to $2
        Bitcoin went to $100 then "crashed" to $30
        Bitcoin went to $1000 then "crashed" to $200
        Bitcoin went to $19990 then "crashed" to $3300

        Your point? I have been in Bitcoin since 2013, I enjoy these "crashes". Some idiot sold me some Bitcoin at $3500, I gladly bought them. :D

        Bring on the crash!

        Every year since Bitcoin's existence with the exception of 2015 it has a higher yearly low. Just dollar cost average.

  • Signed up and deposited over $20 with 3x crypto's,.. assuming that it didn't need to all be in 1 individual type. Guess i'll find out.

    • First deposit needs to be $20 or more usd

      • Are you sure, it says "Transfer $20 or more of any support asses to your Celsiums wallet and receive $20 in BTC"

        How is that needing to be $20 USD deposit?

        • 20usd of any supported crypto asset on first deposit

          • @shadowangel: 'First deposit' can actually be multiple deposits. It's a little misleading, but we had it confirmed by Zach (the guy who does the AMAs with Alex) via Telegram.

            Same goes with promo deposits. If it says "activate promo code and deposit $2000 USD of any crypto" you can put in $1k of BTC, $500 of USDC and $500 of PAXG if you like… likewise with stablecoin promos like USDC20. You could put $300 of USDT, $700 of USDC and $1000 of TUSD.

            • @bonezAU: I beg to differ.

              The CS was telling me I wasn't entitled to the WEB30 code because my first transfer was <$200, even though I had many transfers after that.

              He wasn't budging..

              • @tajid: WEB30 is a new user signup promo isn't it? Perhaps that one isn't the same, when they say first transfer they obviously mean first transfer. What I mentioned above is what was confirmed by Zach and I can only say he was talking about the ongoing promo codes that they announce once your account is established.

                • @bonezAU: WELCOME20, which is the code here, is also a new user signup promo?

                  • @tajid: Yes it is. What I said above must only apply for non-welcome type codes, so apologies for any confusion.

                    When they say first deposit with welcome codes it appears that's what they mean, if that's what support told you.

  • Huge fan of Celsius! It really feels like the future. Lots of deep dives to read/watch on how it works by the founder Alex Mashinsky.
    If you plan on starting off with a bit more then use the WEB30 code, if that's expired then use referral link instead as both get $20USD for a $200USD or more deposit

    • Where do I enter this code and/or WEB30 code? I assume they are not stackable with the referral code?

      I can't create wallet (the button is greyed out) after I enter a referral code.

      • They are not stackable.
        Enter wallet click the circle profile image > promo codes

        • Thanks. It says I need to maintain USD200 worth of asset in 30 days for the WEB30 code, what happens when I buy USD$200 and the value goes down during the 30 days? Do I need to 'topup'?

          • @tajid: Only the deposit needs to be over $200usd

            If the value drops it doesn't matter as long as you don't withdraw. If you withdraw the promotion is canceled.

    • Just tried to buy with celsius.

      Looks like there's a $50usd minimum to buy and they take $10usd for a transfer fee.

      Meaning the deal will actually only get you $10usd in profit.

      Not really worth it

      • You need to send in from a crypto exchange to avoid the expensive in-app credit card option

        • So sending $20USD of crypto currency from another exchange is considered a deposit of $20USD for this deal?

          • @rye: USD 20 will always USD 20. No more, no less. Deposit that amount and you'll get the bonus.

            • @whooah1979: Yeah I understand that, just didn’t see anywhere where it says the $20USD deposit can be in crypto currency?

              Edit: Found some T&C’s which confirms it can be $20 of any supported “assets” - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/23773/85856/e6138f41-e...

              • @rye: From reddit.

                Celsius Network Promo Deposit $20/$220/$2220 get $20/$40/$90

                Download the app and sign up through app

                On the sign-up page, you can click to add a referral code

                After you have signed up (and before making a payment), you can add promo codes

                If you want to deposit USD $20 of crypto, and get USD $20 BTC bonus:
                - Then you don't need to use a referral code. You can just use promo code: WELCOME20

                If you want to deposit USD $220 of crypto, and get USD $40 BTC bonus:
                - Then use both a referral code: and promo code: WELCOME20

                If you want to deposit USD $2220 of crypto, and get USD $90 BTC bonus:
                - Then use both a referral code: and promo codes: WELCOME20 & TRUST

                Enter code in all caps.
                Click Profile (Round circle in top right) > promo codes before first deposit

                Hold the money in app for 30 days. Paid out in BTC.