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Philips IPS 23.8" (246E9QJAB) 75Hz DP/HDMI SPK Monitor $119 + Delivery/Pickup @ MSY


Pretty cheap deal if someone is looking for a VESA mounted IPS monitor at 23.8".

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Brand Philips
Monitor Screen Size 23.8"
Recommended Resolution 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate 75 Hz
Response Time 4ms
Panel IPS

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  • Almost giving it away

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    I just picked up one and set it up if anyone has any questions.

    • What is it like if you set it up in portrait mode? I’ve had a few monitors in the past that look like absolute garbage in portrait due to the viewing angles.

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        For colourwise and viewing angles its not bad, brightest is always straight on, but will depend on what you have it next to.

        But its 1920x1080, i would consider it on the higher end of the cheap IPS models.

        • Thanks for the feedback!

    • Able to test freesync? Interested to know what the ranges are (likely 48-75)

    • Does it have an 240V AC straight to the monitor or does it use an external DC power supply? If the later what voltage?


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        Much better off buying ten of these. 19200 x 1080

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    Glad I went to read some reviews. If you are going to mount this monitor, I have seen a few reviewers complaining that they have difficulty mounting the monitor and then connecting the cables, especially the power cable. This would not be a problem if the VESA was 100 x 100 but this is 75 x 75 and if I look at my arm's bracket, no way I will get the power cable of HDMI connected. I suspect that's why they are discounted!

    Can anyone who has one confirm my suspicions?

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      I was able to mount it onto an Amazon F80 arm, and plug in hdmi cable and they use their own power pack plugin(similar to LG) , so its a smaller plugin to it, didn't have any issues with plugging it in.

      And yes its 75x75.

      • Wow the F80 plate must come REALLY close to obscuring the power connector. I'm guessing the DP socket is inaccessible?

        • Lets just say…. theirs no wiggle room. haha its a tight fit.

          I have it mounted on a corner desk and it is hard to get behind it to see the fittings, so i did it blindly, all worked well, i think you will struggle with DP though.

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      Wow the standard dual monitor brackets we use will have difficulty with these, they have a 100x100 VESA plate (total outer dimensions 115x115) with 75x75 holes, and they will overlap the connector ports. I just did the measurements - using a VESA plate with 100x100 holes, those holes will line up with the corners of the left-most DP and whatever the small circular right-most port is. If the plate is 115x115mm it will completely overlap every single port. At least if the ports were recessed sufficiently, 90° plugs could work, but not flush mounted ports. The only VESA brackets that will work with these monitors are ones with 75x75mm plates. What an idiotic design.

    • thanks mate, nearly bought but when i checked my mount there's no way it'll work