Which Insurance Company Should Handle a Tradie Flooding a Room?

Roofer broke retic installing soak well so bore water seeped in over patio door lip and soaked carpet for over a week before the smell started.

He said to get quotes and he'll go through his insurance. However, everything about this guy/job has been awful and I don't trust him to get it done in a timely fashion. It's already been a month just trying to get him on the phone/call backs.

An acquaintance said to me that I shouldn't have to bother with him and that MY house insurer should get it done and go after his insurer afterwards. We're not AU natives so not sure who to believe. Our home insurer didn't mention this but then again, it seems no one wants to do any extra work they don't have to.

Is there anyone here who works in home insurance who might be able to speak to this? I don't want a rise in my insurance for something I didn't cause (if that's what happens if I claim on mine).



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    Go through your insurer. They'll rectify the situation and then they'll chase up him and his insurer to pay for it.

    As long as you have insurance you shouldn't be dealing directly with anyone else's insurer. You pay your insurer to deal with that.

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    As always check the PDS of your insurance policy for specific definition/wording of 'flood.' Some only cover bodies of water (rivers/creeks/dam and alike) or escape of liquid (aquariums, appliances, bathroom fixtures). Dependent on how you approach above with your insurer, you may have options.

    Normally a job like this goes into the thousands after you factor in the drying equipment (air movers and dehumidifiers) and restoration work.

    Source: Dispatched tradies across Australia on behalf of insurers for these issues

    • Note: if covered, carpets are under contents, not buildings insurance, so check PDS if you have it.

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    Either way is correct. You can chase directly with the tradies insurance, although their job is to get you to accept as little as possible. Or, you can chase through your own insurance, who have the obligation under contract to make good your property, they might then try and recover costs through the tradie or their insurance.

  • refer this to consumer affairs and raise a dispute with them and the trade regulator in your state.
    eg qbcc in qld

  • Unless you know his insurer, you first call would then be to your home insurer.

  • When my son called his insurer (Suncorp) who also has the home loan, the guy said that my son's insurance premiums would increase if he claimed through them.
    Why should HIS premiums go up when it was caused by the tradie?

    Oh, how I WISH we had never called this guy!

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