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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G $729 + $74.95 Shipping @ Becextech


Shipping kills this deal at $74.95 (shipping to Melbourne) but you might be able to price match in your local stores or if you've paid using 28 degrees - claim price protection which I've done.

Thanks Prino - excellent app to keep an eye on your purchases and claim price protection!

Mini review of S20 FE 5G

  • Great screen - enjoying the 120Hz screen, resolution is okay
  • Great battery life - consistently >5 hours of screen on time
  • Camera is okay - came from a Pixel 3, photo quality definitely not as consistent but having wide angle lens is sweet (partner has a Pixel 5 - not as wide angle as the S20 FE)
  • Build quality is alright - using the phone naked for the past month - holding up well
  • I had minor touchscreen issues which is sporadic but resolves with a quick restart of the phone.
  • Speakers - I do miss the front facings speakers of the Pixel 3, definitely not as loud or crisp

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    If it was Aus stock it would be 2 year warranty, wouldn't bother buying stock through this place as it can be hit and miss and also with the touch screen issues..

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    Is this a grey import? Seems like it because dual SIM & only 1 year warranty

  • yeah this will be grey stock. if you want a dual sim model cheapest place to get it looks like buybuybox: http://buybuybox.com/product.php?id=53917 $702 inc shipping to melbourne (as an example) for the 128gb model.

  • No way JB or OW would price match this… Looks like grey and also mixed reviews about the seller.

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    You really need to think carefully about buying a grey import.

    Previously bought an S7 Edge as a grey import. Warranty 1 year instead of 2. And Samsung Australia will not repair the phone. So we sent it to the online retailer back in Hong Kong.

    Suggest it's good value to pay a bit more and have the assurance of Australian Warranty and repairs.

  • Personally I wouldn't buy from them purely for overcharging on shipping costs. How they can justify charging that much is beyond me…

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    expect to see a lot of price drops on the S20 with the S21 only weeks away…

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      A lot of the talk is s21 is a bit of a downgrade unless you go the ultra which will be the most expensive.

      I'm waiting for the s20 prices to drop and then pick one up when its posted here as a good price

  • Least you know what warranty will set you back, $75 each way haha

  • +1

    Would not recommend a grey import s20 FE at all. Especially with all the potential issues being reported atm.
    You 100% need local stock where you can easily return it.

  • Are the Samsung "Stores" still doing their deal?

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