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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G (6GB, 128GB) - US$284.99 (~A$390.44) Delivered @ Giztop


XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9 PRO 5G $390.44 delivered after applying code.

That's the latest Redmi 9 pro 5g phone, lowest price with the code.

Giztop accepts Paypal, have ordered Mi 9 once.

There's another model Mi 10T lite 5g which costs a little more and has band 28

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  • "This phone is Chinese edition,"
    Not sure if the 5G bands are for here but being intended for the Chinese market it has no B28 for 4G.
    "This phone supports these network bands:
    4G: FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8, 5G: n1/n3/n41/n78/n79"

  • It says it comes with Google play so should be good.

    It has n78 for 5g which works with Optus, telstra and vodafone

    other 4g bands work with all the network operators… Should be fine.

  • As others have said above missing the 5g n40 and n258, as well as 4G B28. https://www.kimovil.com/en/frequency-checker/AU/xiaomi-redmi...

    • Who/Where is n40 in Aus? Vodafone?

      • n40 is the newest band from Optus. Already available in many areas all around Australia.

        It's usually done via a dual network such as n40/n78 2300/3500 to increase coverage/penetration/speed. Same goes for b28.

        If your phone is missing support for some bands, it'll still work but maybe not as great. For example b28 has much better building penetration vs the other bands.

        3500MHz (n78) – Telstra
        3500MHz (n78) – Optus
        3500MHz (n78) – Vodafone
        2300MHZ (n40) – Optus
        700MHz (n28) – Vodafone
        850MHz (n5) – Telstra

        And there are other bands for mmWave (super fast 5G) coming in 2021 such as n258/257.

        • mmW still early days in Australia, will come out in 2021 but might not be available for years too the general public, as I doubt the telcos will spend big money in areas of low population areas, anyway time will tell most likely be for in the beginning too business and density populated areas like the CBD and dare I say it will be more expensive then standard 5G, not for everyone

          • @Italkdigital: the issue is the higher the frequency, the bigger the need for line of sight to get coverage and the closer you need to be to a tower, so it will be a long time for people outside of high population density and cbd get mmW. will 5G be do the elite, no, if people blow their data caps, then they will buy bigger data plans or live the rest of the month on 1.2mb which optus do now rather than $10 1GB top up.

            on the lower frequencies, they have less spectrum so 5G is slower. Some 3G frequencies are being reformed for 4G as the 3G network closes.

            you can check the telstra heat maps to see what bands they offer in what areas, and band 28 isn’t just for the country, get to parts of the dandenongs and the 4g is band 28, and that is 30km from the city. coverage and bands isn’t just about distance, it’s also about terrain if you don’t want to drop down to 3G.

  • I've used phones without b28 and never had any issue. maybe in the rural area you might see a difference but even during my travel to different towns i did not see any problem since other bands are supported.

    • In the main cities/metro area, you shouldn't have any issues with 4G reception. It mainly only affects newer areas, regional areas and inside buildings.

      • I have to add another one.

        Which is… traveling overseas. I found my phone with missing bands to be woeful in countries like Thailand or Philippines.

        In Thailand, my missus' phone (which had all the bands) vs mine. Reception was like night and day difference in certain areas. The difference was even greater than in Australia.

        • I think band 8 could be more useful than band 28 in other countries. Because in most countries where last UHF TV frequencies are used, there can be interference as both are using the same frequency range.

  • MI MAX 4 would be nice.

  • I would personally wait till the Global version comes out.
    OR look at the Mi 10T lite if you want B28 and global 5G bands

  • Yeah, Mi 10T lite cost the same.

  • This whole band things are stupid imagine if this world has 5 standard bands.

    • it’s manufactures cheating out ….. get an iphone and you get all the bands as apple only wants to support one hardware platform, it’s when companies try and save a few cents and be market specific that the problems arise, but some is also on purpose and done in firmware so that they control the models in markets and hence price paid by consumers based on income.

      • +1 vote

        Wow. Nevver thought of that. Thanks for the insights!!

      • The band capability of a phone is determined by hardware, not software. Firmware has nothing to do with it.
        Manufacturers make some phones for specific countries like those made for use in China only. Some retailers get these phones and sell them to the global population purely to make money. They are often cheaper than "true" global versions and many buyers choose the cheaper option not knowing the phone will be virtually useless in their country.
        Reputable sellers don't sell phones with restricted band capabilities to global customers… end of story.

  • I have the 4G version. I would not use this as a main phone. too stty screen. well it okay but very okay.