Saving on Car Insurance and Also Second Car Almost Sitting Idle


Due to COVID, I am working from home and the second car is sitting idle. Any suggestions on reducing the insurance premium and also, should I keep the second car or sell it? I use it sparingly.

I thought of selling it and using Uber when needed. But, sometimes I just take the car out and go to nearby groceries, shopping etc which doesn't make sense to use Uber for short distances.

I am sure many of the Ozbargainers would be in a similar situation. Curious to hear what did you do to save $?


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    Hold on to your insurances even if you drive sparingly.

    You might be a good driver but there are heaps of idiots around on their phone while driving.

    We don't want another post with "not at fault, other party drove off before I could get their rego/gave me fake details."

    Yoir cost of insurance is lot less than the hassle you might have… That's the way to save money Ozbargain way!

    • Else join OzTakeAGamble to save $.

  • Call your insurer and ask if they can reduce it based on use. I think AAMI were spruiking this not long ago (wouldn't use them personally) and Youi always have ads about the same thing….lower premium based on WFH, secured car park during the day etc etc

    My weekend car is insured with Shannons on a 5k per year basis at a reduced rate.

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    I thought of selling it and using Uber when needed.

    second car

    Why can't you use the first car to do your grocery shopping?

    • If it is free I use it, but my partner uses it most of the time.

      • Your partner should do the shopping then. Or get it delivered.

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    I found poncho insurance much cheaper:

    Note I haven't had to make claim with them so can't comment on their service then.

    • how much cheaper than your previous one ? is there anyone who had made a claim with this ?
      In the website it says owned by IAG, so is it similar to NRMA ?

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    I am working from home and the second car is sitting idle. Any suggestions on reducing the insurance premium

    Huddle does kilometer based policies. I am paying under $500 for 5,000 kms per year, $1,000 excess but high risk suburb. Think you can go as low as 1,000 km per year.

    • Oh nice. Never heard of them before. Will check their website.

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    Friend of mine got on the cans and called their car insurer recently. Gave them some rambling story full of untruths about being a covid income affected household. They got a 30% premium discount, no evidence required.

    I thought to myself, I can’t wait for the right opportunity to get on ozbargain and tell yoos.

    I was thinking all those people who monopolise the forums saying things like…

    If you’re doing nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to worry about.
    People who speed deserve everything they get.
    Oh not another one with no comprehensive insurance.
    I have never made an insurance claim in60 years of driving.
    Member since xhrs and mins

    All that lot, they’re gonna love this one
    They gonna have a stroke

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      Nearly had a stroke reading this.

    • Aaarrrggghhhh

    • Lol

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    Check with your insurer and see if they can offer you Laid up cover for the vehicle that doesn't leave the property.
    Laid up cover is designed to maintain insurance on your vehicle as long as it is not in use away from the property, that is, not driven on the road.
    Your premium will be reduced, possibly significantly.
    The moment you want to drive the car away from your home, you need to contact your insurer and remove Laid up cover or you won't be insured.

    Also, check your relevant PDS, can't be understated.

    Good luck with your decision.

    • Thanks it is a great idea

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    check choice magazine reviews to find the 'best' one. claims are the most important issue.

    • Thank you and will check that out.

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