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James Squire One Fifty Lashes PA Bottles 6×345ml $10 (In-Store Only) @ Liquorland


Limit of two 6-packs per customer per day. (Most stores.)

$10 for a 6-pack of One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale at Liquorland. (Photo taken at the North Parramatta Entrada store.)

A whole carton (24) is currently listed at $54.

Community members have confirmed the deal at multiple locations. (See comments.)

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  • 2 LLs I saw this at (both near Parramatta) had a restriction of 2 x 6 packs per person. It was printed on the the yellow sign. This one just says retail limits apply.

  • Saw the same in Oatley 2223.

  • In VIC too, but saw just a carton remaining at the one I went to

  • The Broken Shackles lager (in your picture) is $10 per 6 pack also (Top Ryde).

    It's uhh, not the most flavorsome lager I've ever had, but for $1.66 each bottle and 1.3std drinks it is ok value.

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      It's a pale ale, not a lager.

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        The broken Shackles is definitely a lager, if you zoom in on the picture it is clearly written there… Seems some people need additional help, it is the blue 6 pack on top of the fifty lashes pale ale cartons.

        Come on people, read.

    • Username checks out

  • Same at 2229

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    Eastgardens and Randwick too

  • Victoria Park in WA too.

  • Same deal at Caulfield Coles (VIC) - just picked up a few.

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    Spot on…this and broken shackles both $10 per six pack. Cc and dry long necks are 2 for $12 also. Sydney Metro. Happy new year my fellow tight ass mofos!

  • Same at 3155 as of Boxing Day

  • Fyi, for Qld (4300). Both this and the James Squire Pacific ale have been $10 for the past week in Liquorland and First choice

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    Dan Murphys will price match and beat by 50c. I got all the other flavours from Dans (ie chancer, swindler etc). The newer Broken shackles was not too bad as a cold, clean lager.

    • Nice work, i didn't even think of price beating this.

      In times gone by, Dans would have already lowered the shelf price to be $9.95 but it seems they're not actively doing this since COVID in my experience

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    Pity they don't do this for one of their good beers, like Hop Thief. Lashes is so weak.

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      try calling or visiting your local store and see what else they have. the broken shackles line is also $10 at my own store; we've been unable to get any of the other james squire beer lines available at all for years until recently with the broken shackles.

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    Get on the beers

  • End this year on a HIGH ;)

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    The 150 is so bland and boring. If only they had other specials.

  • Yeah saw these last weekend for $10 a six pack at the local liquorland. Nationwide? Didn't even think to post. Thought it might be a shop a docket deal.

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    the deal ends at close of business tuesday night (05/01/2021) for anyone looking to pick up more. while there is a 2 per customer per day limit, you may be able to ask for more in stores where it's not a big mover and/or towards the end if they still have a load in stock.

    depending on the store and what they carry, this should also extend to other james squire lines. my own store has the broken shackles in stock and 6 packs are also $10

  • How come there's a limit of 2?

    • To stop people from buying the case for $40 I guess.

      • Bought four x 6 packs in one go as non case. Got no problem with this.

  • Saw this at First Choice too

    Tropical Ale, Pale Ale and Broken Shackles included
    No apparent limits

  • Been selling this and Broken Shackles at all First Choice and Liquorland stores I have been to around the Newcastle NSW region for a couple of weeks now. I prefer the Shackles.

  • Anyone know if the cider is $10? Cheers

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    BWS Berala has deals on Corona apparently

    • Only for 2019 stock ;)

  • Thanks OP, but I already stocked up on 150 lashes when Coles had them for 5 six-packs/$40 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591778).

    I went into Liquorland anyway and walked out with short-dated Fat Yak pale ale for $27.

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    Looking at deals like this, it's no wonder Squires a fraction what it used to be in terms of quality. Little Creatures is following on the road road

  • Many thanks. Kings cross just honoured it

  • Confirmed at Liquorland WANNIASSA. Cold ones too!

  • Thanks OP, just picked up a couple from Lindfield. They only had this as a $10 six pack special.

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    too bad they taste terrible lol

  • Is this still on?

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      No, finished Tuesday 5/1. Only VB now for $13

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