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$20 off First Trip @ DiDi


On Google Maps I found a voucher for $20 off your first ride with DiDi.
Head into promotions and enter FREE20.
Could be handy for the new year.

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Referrer & referee get 2 x $10 + 4 x $5 ride vouchers

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  • Downloaded the app last time during promo, and it seemed to want a lot of permissions to install, so didn't bother.

  • Do a favour for the drivers and don't cancel the trip if you have only waited less than 1 min.. it affects their cancellation rate = less commissions for them

  • This app never worked to me, it stuck finding a driver, in Sydney cbd…

  • Before I install the app, which country runs Didi service?

  • I tried YAYDIDI last week for 2 X $15 trips even though the posted offer is marked expired..

  • Prior to COVID, I got a similar promo code for first time use and I thought I will make use of it for one of my trips to the airport. I had their driver make me wait for 20 mins, which I did as I trusted him when he kept saying that he was stuck in a traffic jam nearby, though it was a residential street and hard to believe that their was actually a jam there. Then he called again by then he was 30+ mins late and he asked me to cancel the trip as he was doing the “right thing” by me by letting me know that he won’t reach in time. Once I cancelled, I was charged a late cancellation fee. The experience was dodgy as anything and I never used them again.

  • If they reduce the frequency on their youtube ads and change their fcsking annoying jingle I might half consider using them.

  • did not work

  • thanks, worked ! cheers

  • does anyone know can you use a referral code + $20 promo or is it one or the other?

  • Just tried to sign up. Doesnt work