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Warhammer 40K Indomitus Core Game $257.92 (RRP $290) + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Hi, I noticed this is in stock on Amazon US. This was sold out in minutes, but after the uproar of complaints it was put on "made to order" for two weeks with several months wait for the ETA (mine took almost three and a half months).
I Guess Bezos stocked up on a few too many? Grab a bargain and no made to order nonesense, although will take till 18th-27th Jan to arrive. Gives you plenty of time to get brushes and paints.
Very relaxing in these covid times and pretty much the best value set that has ever been made by GW. Could be a good gift to get someone into the hobby. Please don't buy multiple with intentions to flip as this hobby is already expensive enough!
Limited edition
Featuring an exclusive alternate cover only found in Indomitus, the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book is both an essential lore guide to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium as well as being the home of all the rules to play the game. Armed with this sacred tome and the miniatures in the box, you can be ready to play your first game of the new edition in no time!
Product description
Age: 12 years and up
Item Code: 13041
Approx package dimensions: 44 x 29 x 10 cms
Contents: 1 x 368 page Warhammer 40k core book, 24 page booklet, 20 page assembly guide, Space Marines transfer sheet, 61 x citadel miniatures (24 x Space Marine, 37 x Necrons)
Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.
Best used with Citadel paint (sold separately)

EDIT Don't forget cash rewards 6% you tight arses!

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  • Heard the noise about this set, seems like a good way to get in or back into the hobby.

    is there an equivalent for fantasy?

    • Not sure mate, only recently got back into it myself. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    • At PAX last year, I remember playing Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It was fun, felt a lot like 40k with individual models rather than units/formations from the old style when I was growing up. I think they had a similar set… Soul Wars, from memory. I'm sure Google will help.

    • Yep as the other poster mentioned, Soul Wars from Age of Sigmar is the fantasy equivalent. It's a bit older now, released mid 2018, but imho is still pretty good value for someone starting out.

      Otherwise there's the usual "Start Collecting" box sets for people interested in specific factions and/or just want those models. You might still be able to pick up the recent Christmas battleforce sets here and there too, pretty good value.

  • The 40k community is the best thing ever, some of those miniatures they've painted are just works of pure art.

  • Mmm… this looks very tempting to bring out the inner creativity in miniature painting! Hey any recommendations in a good set of paints and paint brushes for these?

    I’ve just been browsing the The Army Painter Miniature Painting Kit with Bonus Wargamer Regiment Miniature Paint Brush (50 bottles).. what do you think of these @Fizzball?

    • I havent tried Army Painter paints, I am using Citidel ones at the moment but Vallejo, Scale75, Reaper are some other ones to consider.
      Good brushes depend on your price range and use but Army Painter ones are decent to start, if you want something a little more high end but still affordable maybe try a Raphael Kolinsky 8404 size 1 and/or lower but if you spend a bit more on brushes buy some brush soap too, itll help maintain the tip and make it last. *forgot the 8404

    • Oh and cheap / old brushes are always useful for the rougher jobs that could cause damage to your expensive ones (such as painting sand on the bases) so either way you wont waste money on brushes.

    • I would recommend going through cheap brushes first before jumping on Sable brushes. Get a good habit of not stabbing mini, cleaning brushes with brush soap and storing it pointing down so water and paint don't end up in the ferrule. Brushes will split with improper care no matter the brand. Old brushes can then be repurposed for dry brushing or metallic paints.

      To add to fizzball, Rosemary and Co series 33 or winsor and Newton Series 7. Don't bother with smaller than size 1 for Sable brushes. Most people think that you can do smaller details with smaller brushes, but you should be able to paint eyes with size 1 or 2 brushes

      One thing to consider is that citadel pots often dry especially white. Big fan of Vallejo and Reaper. But I buy paints for very specific purpose so I have a mix of brands. I also buy empty bottles to mix my own shades.

      • Awesome tips! Thanks so much

        • I would say instead of spending money on painting set like 50 bottles, get the colours individually that you will use. I checked the price online and makes it $4 a bottle roughly. If you buy it individually, it's $5. Space marines, you want the gold from citadel and a reikland flesh wash to go with the gold.

          One important colour is white as that's used quite a lot to mix with other paints for highlights or to lighten a colour. Don't buy white from citadel. I would recommend ivory or off-white from Vallejo. It's easier to work with because Vallejo white can end up a bit chalky.

          Finally, get a wet palette, it's really useful to keep paints wet and allows you to continue your paint project a few days later. I DIY mine using a cheap container from woolies, sponge and baking paper (soak it in hot water for a few minutes to remove the wax). A spare bathroom tile is great for dry pallette to get the right amount of paint on the brush (easy to clean after too).

          One massive tip I have is to have fun. It's a great hobby to get into and take it slow.

          • @azngamer: Great advice! Yeah don't immediately buy 50 paints not knowing if you like the brand or if you will ever use might be annoying when you actually DO need some colours that werent included. I bought a couple of the citidel paint sets (40k and sigmar ones with different colours) back when it was $40 for 13 full sized paints with a tool and glue, then bought single pots from there on. I hope you enjoy the many aspects of the hobby as you can really get lost in little details after a while. Stuff like making bases ended up being scary at first and I just painted texture paint on but so fun once I had some free/cheap materials and some imagination. 1-3 shades of a colour you intend on using and a wash/shade is probably the way to go and dont be afraid to mix and test things.

      • That said if you understand how brushes work (i.e. as OP mentioned not stabbing / cleaning etc) I would definitely get a good brush early. Maybe not a set, but a commonly used one like a size 0 or 1.

        I'm not an amazing painter, but I found that a good set of brushed that were able to maintain a point much better made it so much easier/enjoyable.

  • Sweet I ordered. Haven’t played in years. Any suggestions for paints. I see quite a few recommended sets on amazon US as well. Cheers.

    • Sweet! Check above comment :)

    • Watch Miniac on YouTube he breaks down the best starting paint sets pretty well

      TLDR Vallejo make value great paints. But there is no such thing as a better paint brand its all just personal preference. Just experiment!

  • So many geat resources for this

    Facebook groups for buy swap sell
    Reddit for lore, memes and competitive play
    YouTube for guides, inspiration and battle reports

    All in all just a great hobby

    IM me if you want a hand with anything

  • A great artist with many guides for beginners to advanced is Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy on Youtube, as mentioned above Miniac is also a great source of video knowledge, Squidmar Miniatures also great content.

  • (Disclaimer: This is a joke. Spend your money on the hobbies that make you happy).

    So if I'm aiming to be broke and alone this, Magic the Gathering, or a drug habit? I'm squeamish and while I can appreciate art I'm not good at creating it so I'm leaning towards MtG.