Bosch Security Cameras - Wiring/setup advice

I recently bought a new house that has 6 bosch security cameras installed hard wired. The cables come out into one of the wardrobes of my bedroom. The previous owner didn't leave any power source or dvr so all I have is the cameras and their cables.

This is all new to me so I need advice as to what do I need to get these cameras functional.

I'm attaching the wiring pics, camera model etc for reference. Any advice would be appreciated.


Voltage 12 VDC
Power Draw 250 mA to 420 mA.

Bosch WZ14

Many thanks and Happy New year.


  • The black cables with metal plug, thats a BNC connector. This gives you video.

    The think grey cables would suggest its power. You'll need to check what voltage you require for your cameras.

    In terms of DVR you'll need a hybrid NVR/DVR that has BNC connectors. Each manufacturer has its quirks/interface differences; but otherwise perform the same job (record video).

  • I'm a bit fussy when it comes to power and went with one of these on my setup.
    Power Supply.

    • So it comes with mains into the socket. I feed the stripped cables into the power unit. The coax cables into DVR and its all setup?

  • I wouldn't even bother, they are old coax cameras and have really shit video resolution (PAL: 500 x 582)

    Just cut the cables and pull out the cameras, don't waste your time and money.

    Spend your money on a new camera system.

    • If you reckon not worth putting in $250ish (storage+DVR+power supply) then I wouldn't bother. What am I looking to spend for a new system? Don't have more then $500 budget to spend at this stage.

  • Don't be tempted to install battery powered, toy security cameras like Arlo or Eufy.