ITECH120X 12V 120AH Lithium Ion Battery Lifepo4

Hi Guys,

I am in the market for batteries and inverter for my RV.

I wish to run lights, water pump, fridge, fans and maybe an air con.

I am looking at itech batteries - really good reviews.

Any recommendations?


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    look at the renogy gear, they got 20% off at the moment. look at some youtube vids, very well made battery


      are these good batteries ?


    I'd be guessing you will want more than 1 x 120ah for fridge and air conditioning


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    My iTech Powerstation (also Lithium-ion) drops to 80% charge quite quick. 80% is around 11.4volt so my fridge stops working (low voltage cutout). I can still use the battery for everything else for days in a row, but no fridge. This is confirmed by iTech as being "normal".
    iTech also told me I can't charge and discharge the Powerstation at the same time, I'm not sure if that's the case with any Lithium-ion battery.
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      I remember browsing their products and seeing that power station, not being able to charge at the same time was the first big no for me.. it was the only one of their models that had that limitation too, oldest one I guess. They've now updated it and it can handle simultaneous charge/discharge though.


    Definitely worth shopping around. Not saying their products are bad but I'd say they are premiumly priced (ie this shunt "on special" for $199, believe it was $300 when they released it recently, can be had for a fraction of that from Aliexpress (even Amazon seller is cheaper @ $75 (but only 350A shunt though)

    I also remember them being pretty dodgy when they released their 200A lithium with an email subscribers special of $1999 down from $2299, yet at the same time were selling it on their eBay store for $1699. Like I said, nothing against their products though.

    When comparing batteries you'll need to know your current draw and the battery max continuous discharge rates. 50A of the cheaper batteries obviously won't cut it for what you need. The 120A iTech is 150A, that's only 1800W which seems a bit low for what you want to run. If you parallel 2 for 300A/3600W you'd probably be ok or their 200AH for less $ will give you 3000W.

    As far as inverters go, the Giandel pure sine wave ones are pretty good performers for the money. I got one from these guys, otherwise if you want to spend the big bucks there's Redarc.


    Try these guys, 5 year warranty

    Don't buy cheap batteries off ebay.


    iTech have been trying to get rid of these batteries since the start of last year. Lowest price has been <$800.

    I was considering one as well, but found some mixed reviews regarding support on a 4x4 or RV forum.