How Much Termite Barrier Cost?

Can someone recommend a good reputable termite guy? I lived in sydney


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    Where do you live now?

    • Seven hills

  • The house is already built? Or you are planning to build one?

    • Yes built already

      • I think It will start from 3k depending on what method that you use.

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    Depends on the size of the block, number of outbuildings, and if there's a slope etc.

    Anything from $2k upwards.

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    Why don't you DIY?

    Fipronil is what they will spray. You can do this yourself.

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    Not sure if it's the same, but I used to have termite barrier when I moved into my existing place. There are annual inspection costs and every 3 (or so?) years the chemical needs to be reapplied / refilled. So make sure you factor in all those costs too.

    u don't need to do the annual inspection, but then u don't get the warranty that comes with it.

    The company I used at the time was termguard. This isn't a recommendation or a complaint. Just fyi.

    • How much?

      • I can't recall to be honest. But I think the inspections would've been around couple hundred annually. Chemical reapplication maybe between 300-500 every few years (3?)

  • i their barrier is supposed to last for some years under warranty the qbcc says they shold not charge for inspections? check your nsw body.

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