Mazda CX9 Price Higher than Reported

So multiple media groups have reported the Mazda CX9 2021 touring FWD to be around $53k:

Yet on the Mazda website it is reporting the Touring FWD to be 58k. Why is there such a big disparity?


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    Articles linked all reference a price without on road costs whereas the dealer website likely uses a drive away price.

    I'm guessing the articles exclude on road costs as it is state specific and the dealer includes them as they may be obligated to include them for your purchase location.

    On road costs would be things like registration, ctp insurance, stamp duty, dealer delivery costs etc.

    • Damn, that means it's more expensive now

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        It isn't more expensive now.
        You just have a more detailed view of the actual costs to purchase the vehicle.

      • Yes and no….

        Yes it's higher than you thought but no, there isn't really a chance to escape them and would've had to pay them anyway.

        Stamp duty is state government levied and based on purchase price. Small changes possible based on what you end up paying.

        Registration will be based on the car type so isn't flexible. Ctp depends on state but is close enough to fixed.

        Dealer delivery you can negotiate over. Will end up in the final price to some extent anyway though.

        I guess just negotiate on driveway prices and leave the dealer to sort out what is allocated where themselves.

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    Car sites listed are RRP (list price without on roads) On roads are rego, ctp, stamp duty and dealer delivery.

    • Is there anything I can do?

      • You have many options available to you.

      • negotiate. Have a look on carsales for demo pricing and start from there.

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        Lobby the government to lower taxes?

        • Or they find out you trying to pay lower taxes and decides to add more taxes like the SA & VIC mileage tax on BEV and PHEV.

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            @netjock: Considering drivers of EVs don't pay fuel excise, do you think that revenue doesn't need to be replaced somehow? After all, roads still get used and won't magically become cheaper because of EVs (in fact, one could argue that with the typically EV being heavier, they would cause roads to wear more quickly).

            • @barcer: Here we go with this conversation again.

              Government gets luxury car tax and high stamp duty.

              Electricity use means electricity companies make money.

              Building more power stations create jobs here in Australia which means more tax revenue.

              We are not permanently sending a significant amount about 1/3 of the price of a litre of petrol to offshore government with questionable records on human rights.

              Most wear and tear on roads are actually caused by heavy vehicles. You think road makers amateurs that get wrecked by a 2500kg BEV.

              • @netjock: Correct, pretty much (if not completely) all road damage is due to heavy vehicles. Otherwise the road is just poorly constructed if it's being damage by car traffic only. So much so that when roads are designed they don't even account for the light vehicle traffic loads or volumes when undertaking their geotechnical (pavement) investigations and determinations.

                • @Aido-3927: Incorrect. Road damage is both a function of total load and also load density (kg per sq cm of tyre area). Heavy passenger vehicles typically have a much higher load density than lighter ones and can even approach trucks (which have much larger and many more tyres) in some cases.

                  • @barcer: Incorrect.

                    BMW 3 series sedan is 2,200 kg and Tesla model 3 is about 2,200kg. So you're just assuming "heavy" passenger vehicle proves a point.

                    Google answers please, use it as a finger filter. Don't be lazy.

                  • @barcer: Incorrect. They definitely do not approach trucks, they don't get anywhere near. Hence why they're called light vehicles regardless.
                    Even a heavy passenger car is a light vehicle, and it's not just random terminology, they are light.
                    A four wheel, four tyre passenger car would have to weigh nearly 8000kg to approach the tyre loads of any PBS approved heavy vehicle on our roads and that's just considering their General Mass Limit, not their approved Higher Mass Limit.

              • @netjock: Expensive ICE cars are also subject to LCT, and all vehicles are subject to stamp duty, so you're no contributing anything extra there.

                Fuel use means fuel companies make more money.

                The rest of you argument is equally pointless. The fact is, governments still require the revenue from fuel excise, and you haven't explained how it will magically be replaced by EV drivers not paying anything.

                • @barcer:

                  The rest of you argument is equally pointless

                  Answered it in the above:

                  Electricity use means electricity companies make money.

                  Building more power stations create jobs here in Australia which means more tax revenue.

                  You're just arguing without reading or understanding. The government petrol excise is fooling the normal people, only one third goes back into roads

                  Might come as a shock that your magic knowledge tree isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

      • I was quoted 50k for the 2wd touring 2021 cx9. pm if interested to know the dealer details.

      • Simple. Don’t buy when demand is high. Wait.
        I think that the current crop of Mazda’s have an appearance that will date quickly.

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      useless features that a lot of german cars come with

      Mazda CX9



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        yes, mazuda is jap. Selective quoting is great, isn't it. You can make anyone look like a fool.

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          So you're saying you didn't reference "useless features that a lot of german cars come with" in relation to the "dumb service and spare part costs for a [Japanese] Mazda [CX-9]"?

        • Anyone? Possibly. With you it's just very easy.

  • In general COVID has pushed prices up.

    A friend of mine got a RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid for $47k.

    Another friend wants exactly the same thing and the best he can get now is $55k.

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      The RRP is $47.5k drive away. If a dealer won’t give you this price because of demand then either complain to Toyota head office or just order the car via the Toyota website where you pay RRP.

      • Another friend wants exactly the same thing and the best he can get now is $55k.

        Obviously not an OzBargainer.

        People paying over the odds for a commodity.

    • Another friend wants exactly the same thing and the best he can get now is $55k.

      With how many accessories?

      Story doesn't add up

      • Story doesn't add up

        Most people don't add up before arriving at the answer. That is when the fun begins.

      • Let me get more info, I assumed it was just the standard package but I didn't specifically ask.

        • Where is your friend located. Prices are higher in Perth but still you shouldn’t be paying RRP.

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    Vote with your wallet. Don’t buy!

  • You are on OzBargain and you still haven't figured out.

  • Late to the party here but am I missing something….. The price on Mazda's website is exactly the same as the articles. $53,490 + on roads for the FWD Touring

    • $53490 is the drive away price

      • According to who? The articles linked in the OP as well as the Mazda website both state plus on roads

        • According to Mazda website

          • @Jaff: So it is! I'm sure when I looked last night it was that price until I put my location in and then it went to about $58k. But anyway, makes this thread even more pointless really if it's now cheaper than the RRP.

            • @whitelie: that was the price for the last few days.I was about the pull the deal at 50k driveaway but now holding for a better deal.

              • @Jaff: Don't know how much of a better deal you'll get on 21 plated cars? Obviously going to get cheaper at some point but when they've just been released, free on roads is about it.