Where to Get Bargain Priced Bushwalking Gear

Hi guys can you suggest how to find bargain priced gear for Bushwalking? BCF, Anaconda, Kathmandu, Mountain Designs and all the rest are so overpriced. Is it better to buy online from an overseas company? I heard it's possible to get high quality hiking gear in Nepal and India. Is there any way to import it here and can anyone suggest reputable suppliers? Thanks.


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    What bushwalking gear are you referring to? Shoes? Or are you talking about camping gear like tents, etc?

    Have you tried Decathlon?

    Personally I've gotten a lot of second hand hiking and camping gear either from thrift shops or from hard rubbish.

  • Everything but more specifically water proof clothing. I went to Decathlon in Manila in the Philippines. When I climbed Mount Pulag a few hours north I noticed they were selling locally made hiking gear including trekking poles for a fraction of the price. It looked reasonably good.

    • …Manila in the Philippines ….selling locally made hiking gear including trekking poles for a fraction of the price.

      Did you also notice that the food, accomodation and pretty much everything else in the country is also about a fraction of the price of what we would pay here? Their wages are also a fraction of ours! 🤣

  • military surplus? Won't look fancy but would work ok?

    • Some good ones on catch. Found US Army surplus today: Link French and British are on there as well…

  • Rivers is pretty cheap. O/S clothes are made to local standards. Bought two middle of the range pants in India and both ripped after five months. Good to have some knowledge about which brands are good.

  • There's some good stores in Namche Bazar. You might just have pay someone to run it back to Lukla.

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    Depending on what you're planning to do, I'd recommend against going budget for everything. Somethings are worth paying a bit extra to ensure you're getting a quality item. For example boots. Boots are one thing you dont want to go budget on, instead go to a decent shop and get someone to fit you properly. You can then go online to find them at a better price.

  • Snowgum? I don’t know if the quality is any good though.

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