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[VIC] Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit $96 (RRP $230) @ Nike Outlet Store (Bundoora)


Very good price for these kicks.

Available at Nike Bundoora, may also be available at other Nike stores.

Cheapest I've seen and plenty of sizes available. I believe they are US mens sizes.

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  • Have these shoes and love them.

    Real comfy and good all rounders especially at this price.

    • How's the sole material holding up over time?

      Does it wear out fast?

      • I did close to 1000km of running in my last pair. They have been worn as casual shoes since the start of last year and they're still holding strong

      • The sole seems fine after a fair bit of running to be fair. Strong arch support too which still seems to be there.

        Only issue is that on uneven ground I rolled my ankle and pulled a few minor threads out of the top but seems to be fine and hasn't frayed at all since.

        • Good to hear and also with the other guy 1000km is heaps. My last pair of Nike runners with that white spongey rubber sole material wore all the tread out in about a quarter of that. I'm average BMI weight/height too so it's not like they were being overloaded, and they were being used on a running track too which should wear out shoes slower than concrete/bitumen.

          Good to know the material can now last. Sorry to hear about the freyed material and rolled ankle.

    • Does these shoes have good ankle support ?

      • I personally wouldn't say that it specifically supports the ankle but there is a wide contact with the ground. I only rolled my ankle because I was running sideways across a hill.

        They are suitably stable but have 'sock-like' ankle support to describe it.

        • Thanks for the desbancar. I might pass on the show. I like the UA hovr runing shoes,. They have moderate ankle support and it's comfortable.

      • No they don't. They aren't a structured/control shoe.

  • Is it just Nike or do all shoes have a problem with rain water being whipped back up on the front of shoe - soaking the socks too in the Melbourne drizzles.. ?

  • Wow great price , wish we still had a Nike outlet in WA.

  • it used to be $80 b4 xmas…

  • Not great shoes for me, I have them, they are a very unconventional fit for Nike - narrow and tight, so restrictive with the lining I had to cut it in the end or throw them out. They must run at least 0.5 if not 1.0 full size under, e.g. get a 12 if you are 11 or 11.5. I'm not saying this is for everyone, but I strongly advise against purchasing these style of Nike shoes without trying them on first. I absolutely love Nike and have over a dozen of other pairs, but these are quirky to put it gently.

    • definitely try them on if you can… Each Nike shoe tries to do something different. They are also going towards narrow shoes lately. Bought sandal type Nike Rift a while ago and these are a full size under. You can also try a looser lace setup Link

    • I've never had a pair of Nike's that were true to size, even on the ones reviewers say it's TTS and to not order over.

      Always go up a size with Nike if you have anything but the slimmest of feet.

  • Paid $80 for these when they had the additional 40% off. First run in them today and really enjoyed them. Will be good for recovery days. Would definitely buy again for this price.

  • Similar prices at the Homebush store(DFO) in NSW. Picked up two good $200 pairs for around $40 each.

  • The Nike version of the adidas ultraboost ?

  • Their also 39% off at Nike official au store bringing the price down to $139 for those who want other colours range - https://www.nike.com/au/t/react-infinity-run-flyknit-running...

  • very comfy pair

  • Purchased the black/white pair online the other day..

    Went into Nike store, got charged $189.
    Looked online $139 + $9.95 postage.
    Returned to Nike store
    Highly recommend avoiding Nike stores!

    The shoes are coming from Netherlands though.

  • Purchased this pair during Christmas time at DFO Southwharf. I only paid $80.00 as the whole store was 50% off.

  • Can anyone who has semi regularly attended any of the nike outlets share some insights into NikeCourt/ Tennis shoe range? are they ever stocked/ well stocked?

  • Thanks OP got a pair. Wasn't aware of the previous sale bringing these down to $80. Didn't see anyone post this specifically. Obviously would've liked to have gotten that price then but decided I may as well get them now while they have my size. v2 is out shortly and I don't want to take the risk of missing out for a few dollars awaiting a further reduction.

  • Was it 40% off everything in store, or just these shoes? Nike usually have a good sale on over Australia Day weekend.

    • It was just 40% off the shoes. Yeah we'll see how it goes over the weekend but I haven't been aware of any storewide sales yet.