Xiaomi Mi 11 Import? Anyone done this before?

Has anyone here ever got a Chinese version of a phone and made it work here (With English patches etc.)? I like the look of the Mi 11 but the odds of a global release don't seem very high, would love to hear any experience that anyone has.

Link for those interested


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    check xda developer forum.
    all the smart people (with mobile phone stuffs) are there

  • wow the specs.

  • I bought a china phone (CN version) last year, and although its functional and I'm getting my value out of it, I think its much smarter to only get the international version, which I'll do in the future. The china version is clearly made for the chinese marketplace. Things like band compatibility and syncing with chinese news and search engines are the main drawbacks. Updates are also affected by the region.

    Sweet phone!

    • Totally agreed. I have used chinese version of Xiaomi phone before. Not that I had issues..but always better to get international version of the phone.
      Secondly, I was interested in this phone until I realized Mi 11 Pro is being launched in Feb. I would definitely recommend to wait for that.

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    the odds of a global release don't seem very high

    Why do you say this? The Mi 10 and 10 pro were released globally, as were the Mi 10T and 10T pro. Just not the Mi 10 Ultra.

    • Ah ok that was my mistake then, I just knew the Ultra didn't get a global release and assumed the rest of the line-up was the same

    • just wondering, what is the difference between the 5 different Mi 10 models?

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    Still have Chinese mix 3.

    Pretty easy to get things go with Xiaomi.

    Start by changing the language to English.
    Then open the Xiaomi app store.. miistore? And search and download the Google something framework.. install that, and bam - all Google services and playstore gets installed.

    Change default apps and you're pretty good to go.

    Nothing too annoying apart from a couple Chinese apps you can't uninstall. They don't get used, but still…
    I think the most annoying part was opening a link in Chrome that wants you to download an app you don't have seems to default to the Mii store. Probably a chrome setting I never changed.

    It's also not hard to install a global ROM if it becomes available.

  • Won't touch any Mi phone unless international version.

  • Why is it so expensive? I thought it was meant to launch for 600 USD

    • this phone has equal or better specs of latest Samsung Phone which cost more than $2000 Aud.

  • I have the MI 9 transparent edition no global version. No band 28 but the only problem is that a certain spot at work I lose signal and I have to sometimes toggle airplane mode to get it back. If your worried about a Chinese rom and bloatware you could always install Xiaomi EU rom. Can be a bit of a hassle if your not familiar with unlocking your bootloader and a custom recovery but be careful you could also end up with a brick. I have my eye on the MI 10 ultra transparent edition of course but will wait till next month for the MI 11 pro and see which I will get.

    Hope this helps

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