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Good morning OzB community!

I wanted to get your thoughts around a new SUV (or if perhaps used/dealer used might be the smarter choice).

In terms of my situation, new parent with 2 golden retrievers, I'm ideally wanting a car big enough that I can put both the dogs and the pram in the boot (sorry this rules out a Camry!).

I'm open to a used car, but doesn't seem to be that much cheaper from doing a quick look around + peace of mind with new + warranty.

The Mitsubishi Outlander or Eclipse Cross is what has initially caught my eye for my budget that will fit my needs, with the Outlander being the bigger of the 2, but the Eclipse Cross having nicer tech/interior.

I've had a quick browse at others but nothing else caught my eye, but want to cover off my bases and make sure there isn't anything I should be taking another serious look at.

I'll be test-driving in the next week or two, I'm upgrading from a 2004 commodore so everything is going to feel outstanding in comparison!

Lastly, I'm currently working from home full time, but imagine this will change once Melbourne returns to normality, driving around 70km a day once I'm in the office.

Appreciate your thoughts!


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  • Waiting for the ‘outlander is old tech’ comments.

    If YOU like it is the most important thing. Some might say X is better/more fun to drive or Y has more/newer tech. It’s a Mitsubishi, their quality and longevity are known. IMO they are a perfectly acceptable vehicle, but not flashy.

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    Honda CR-V Vi is around $35K
    (I like that you have a Pram for the golden retrievers). lol

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      haha pram is for the baby I swear!

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    Surely, with two golden retrievers and a pram to transport, the rear space size must be the most important criteria. Most SUVs won't cut it in my view.

    Subaru models seem to have a larger rear space.

    • It does seem a bit tight, thats what drew me to the outlander.

      I'll check out the Subaru, thanks :)

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    Doesnt this get asked every day?

    Patrol Y62 has plenty of room in the back for 2 dogs, also plenty of power :D

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      Cab you get one for $35k?

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    upgrading from a 2004 commodore

    Don't trade this in for bugger all.

    VY/VZ going for $2k without reg and RWC

    Put it on Gumtree

    • Thanks, I'll do that :)

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      I'd rather trade in a car and get less for it than deal with the endless line up of Gumtree tire kickers turning up and offering significantly less than what it's advertised for.

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        Up to you

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        still got 2.5K more than trade in after a few tyre kickers and 1k less than ad price.

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    What is your pram? Unless you go with compact pram (example: yoyo), you might need 7 seaters with 3rd row folded for your dogs + pram.

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    Tesla Model X. $35k deposit and finance the rest, it is an appreciating asset.

    Serious note. Not sure what you can get new other than a Mitsubishi or maybe a Kia unless you want a Chinese SUV.

  • Kia Sorento. Everyone's taste is different, so go have a look and a sit in a few different models and you will probably write off a few pretty quickly.

  • Rav4 (not the hybrid) for that price new or near new. I say its better than the Outlander. But also look at Kia's SUVs

  • RAV4
    The one with the attachable roof racks for kayaking

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    CRV is pretty spacious (the new look)

  • Never driven this car or know anyone who has owned one. I also had to Google how big golden retrievers are …

    How about a Holden Commodore ZB Wagon (The last "Commodore" in Australia but was a rebadged Opel Insignia)
    DOwnside is that Holden's presence in Australia is declining

    Can see on carsales a few VIC demos that maybe brought down further with negotiation

    [Example 1 < $35K ~ 8000km]

    [Example 2 !36K ~ 1000 km[

    User [review] ( from someone coming from a Kluger

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    Absolutely no way you're getting two big dogs and a pram in a small SUV. Outlander will do it ok.

    I'd recommend a demo Subaru Outback instead. Good tech and interior, reliable, comfortable.

    Wagons and wagon-like SUVs have long boots. Small and medium SUVs generally have hatchback-sized boots despite their outward appearances.

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