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Roku Japanese Gin 700ml $48.90 + Delivery ($0 with Plus /C&C) @ Dan Murphy’s eBay (OOS) & Dan Murphy's (Online Only)


Roku Gin at Dan Murphy's
Roku Gin at Dan Murphy's eBay (Sold Out)

You can also add something else to your cart to reach $50+ and use the coupon code PBOTTLE to get $5 off. Most of the low value items are not eligible for eBay Plus, so you could choose to click and collect them and get the bottle delivered, or pick up both.

Here’s DM's eBay store price list with prices sorted low to high.

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  • +3

    amazing gin for the price, got some mad floral notes

  • +1

    so, mixed with tonix water from wollies and ice thats it?
    havent opened mine, still trying to finish the blood orange vodka first

    maybe should open both and mix haha

    • +1

      I drink mine with tonic water, a squeeze of lime and a small handful of frozen mixed berries… And of course lots of ice. It is my favourite summer drink!

      • I was given a bottle for Christmas, imma try this

      • in the ice topic,
        what do you think about that metal ball that we can froze ? better than ice in theory since it wont dilute our drink with water, right?

      • +2

        Swap out the lime for cucumber (keep the berries). A friend introduced me to this recently. Colourful and delightfully refreshing.

        • +3

          Bartender here. Can defo vouch for the cucumber for freshness. If you have it on you, little slice of ginger goes down brilliantly with it too.

    • +4

      Also great with tonic water, cucumber and rosemary

    • +1

      Also dont use schweppes tonic … overpowers all the taste

      from the cheap range Aldi tonic is the best

      • +1

        Never use the cheap tonic to add to gin that destroys the taste

        • +4

          Yeah, I really don't understand why you'd go with a Roku or Hendricks etc. and then dilute it down with cheap/artificial tonic… If that's the intention stick to a Gordon's or the like… Honestly, I couldn't even justify mixing a Tanqueray or Bombay with a cheap tonic unless it was unavoidable. Personally, I go with the Capi Dry which you can pick up at DM's. Fever Tree is also really nice but spenno if not on special.

          • +2

            @gheygan: wow, u guys spend $4 on tonic water?

          • +3

            @gheygan: Even better just ditch the tonic completely and drink it with soda water. Cheaper, less calories and you can taste the gin.

          • @gheygan: It costs 1.65 for 30ml of Gordon's, and 2.10 for Roku (in this deal). Although it feels like mixing good gin with tonic is a bit of a waste of great gin, enough of the flavour comes through to justify spending ~50c more to enjoy the drink (even if it's with cheaper tonic).

      • My go to tonic is the Capi tonic water. Compliments very nicely with most gins. Generally also taken with a slice of lemon, lime or even cucumber is the way to go (I usually have a slice of lime) and of course some ice.

        The Capi tonic water usually goes on special at Dans so keep an eye out for that.

        • Give aldi tonic a go… by no means its the best one but its actually works well… especially if you are adding other things to it (rosemary/cucumber/basil etc… sounds like a salad recipe)

          • @figlia: Any specific type you recommend? When I was buying Fever Tree I was using the Mediterranean tonic. I'm keen to hear what you and/or others recommend.

      • +1

        I use schweppes tonic and it taste better than the no frill ones.

        • +1

          We must have different taste buds cause I can't stand the schweppes stuff.

    • +3

      i do gin + soda water, the soda water lets through more of the gin's aroma.

      • this. i don't understand tonic water. It's so sugary that you might as well just have a vodka cruiser.

        • That's because most people including bars put way too much tonic water in. Should only be a splash. That said I prefer soda water too.

  • Only 1 order per person? "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired."
    So if anybody wants 2, don't order separately …

    • Hmm it let me order again after I requested a refund of my original purchase where I forgot to select gift card payment. Fingers crossed cancellation goes through.

      • I hope you were quick enough, becuase it's out of stock now.
        I tried multiple times and with a different browser, but ebay wouldn't let me order anymore.

  • Probs going to be downvoted…but I don't get OZB obsession with this gin. It tastes like a watered down version of Hendricks. I'd rather spend another $20 and get the bog standard four pillars.

    • +1

      I quite like the Roku - but I keep a lookout for the regular Four Pillars (on special) too. Seems to be the one that impresses without any fuss.

      Roku is part of the CCA portfolio in Australia (if you're looking for another reason to hate on Roku!).

      Not sure that I'd agree that it tastes like watered down Hendricks. :-(

      • crown castle australia?

        • +1

          Coca Cola i think

      • +1

        Please do post on here when that does happen! :)

  • Sold out? Can't seem to click add to cart. It's a shitty interface to not say "sold out" instead of nothing happening when clicking.

    • It is sold out, I reported the deal when I made my previous post.
      Interface can be clearer, you can see it from the message: "Please enter a quantity of 0 or less"

      • Thanks for that. Have updated original post.

      • Thanks for the info!

  • +5

    If you can click & collect, same price on the main site: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_697326/roku-japanes...

    • +2

      Don't forget 5% discounted gift cards for dan Murphy via Suncorp.

      • +1

        And 2% cashback from Cashrewards.

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