Hisense 100inch 4K TV

I have had my eye on the Hisense 100S8 4K TV.

I’ve see the price drop from $12,995 to $9,995.
There was a fellow who won the TV in a competition who was selling it on here but I missed out.

I’m not prepared to pay 10k for it but what do people think it would sink down to before it disappears.
Considering the 85inch model goes for around $2,500 I can’t justify the massive price gap.

Just looking for peoples thoughts or if they have had any experience purchasing a oversized TV.

Thanks everyone. Happy new year.


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    wait 2 years 100" will be same price as 85" is now.

  • Make do with the 85" until such time as the 100" price drops.

    100"+ screens cater to a niche market for quite some time, so they will always command a far higher asking price.

  • Yeah I fear you may be correct xuqi.

    What do you guys think is a fair price for that 100” TV?

    IMO 6k is fair considering the 85 is $2500-2900

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      What do you guys think is a fair price for that 100” TV?

      The only thing I learnt in primary school was cross multiplication.

      So if you can get an 85inch for $3000 (fair price), then using cross multiplication, a fair price for 100inch would be $3529.

      Hope this helps with your conundrum ;)

  • What do you guys think is a fair price for that 100” TV?

    No one is going to sell you a TV at a price that the OzBargain community determines as "fair". Fairness is subjective.

    I’ve see the price drop from $12,995 to $9,995.

    Some would say that's a more than fair discount on the original price. There's no way you'll get it for another 4 grand off that.
    Maybe you could get it for 8. Maybe. I reckon your best shot is between 8.5 and 9.

  • I think my limit is 8
    If it drops to 8 I’d snap it up.

    I doubt they would consider 8k if it’s currently listed as 9995.

    I think the size would look fantastic.

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      agree.. lego masters or Holey Moley would rock on there.

  • Have you looked into projectors?

  • Yeah I have but there is too much light and the conditions aren’t the best.

    Doing one for the theatre room.

    Damn I wish I had more money haha

    • Regarding your brightness conditions - have you actually had a look at that Hisense TV? Mine (2019 model) doesn't have proper black (it's more greyish), the contrast is really poor, once a day the TV operating system crashes, the 'smart' features are really slow and already outdated as they can't be updated. There has been only 1 firmware update (in 2019) for the TV. As I'm only staying in Australia for few years it's OK for me but next time I'll go for a Sony or Samsung, again.
      Would never ever spend $8k or more on Hisense crap.

      • I had Sony’s in the past and was always disappointed with their software and quality.

        My last 3 have been Hisense and I’ve been so impressed.
        My current is the 85” R7.
        It’s a beast with my XSX.

        The 100” S8 is the biggest tv for an achievable price.
        I know it’s not going to win and records but I’ve been nothing but impressed by Hisense and their support over the years.

        I never use any TV’s smart features.
        I want dumb TVs.
        I always plug my own device of choice for the smarts. Usually ATV and GTV.
        They do it well. They are good at it.

        It’s a shame you had such a bad experience.

        I recently purchased a LG Signature W9 65” wallpaper OLED for the bedroom. So I’m excited to have my first OLED.
        However I’ll simply be throwing an ATV on it and that’s that.

        The house isn’t even built yet I’m just stock pilling so It’s done in one go.

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    Hysense (made in China) is not my favourite - I’d wait for a nice other brand like Samsung, LG or Sony.

    • Couldn't agree more.

    • Don’t you find bang for buck. Hisense and TCL are becoming extremely competitive?

      I find you can get a similar feature set for much less

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