External Blu-Ray Burner

Looking for a decent but cheapish external Blu-ray burner.

Any ideas or suggestions?


  • MSY computer store

  • I think I got one for like $30 a few years ago. Any PC store will have them.

    • I looked everywhere and they are at least $130, not sure where you got one for $30?

    • Yep i remember in 2013 i bought one for about 40 bucks. Now that its dead they'll all $130 !

  • DVD burners are $30, definitely not Bluray. The bare BR burner drives alone are $80 and then you’d need an external USB drive bay if you wanted to use it with a Laptop etc. which would be a minimum of $50 at least.

  • So anyone have any ideas where to purchase aside from MSY? Don't like that one that they sell there.

  • There's an internal one for $89, add external adapter for $10. https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/optical-drives-&-media/b...
    That's what I'd do anyway.

    • Where do you buy an external adapter?

      • ebay, amazon etc. Pretty much anywhere that sells pc parts.