Custom IEMs vs High End IEMs earphones

Hey guys, I'm on the market for some high end IEMs where I'm looking at the Sony IER series, CA Andromedas, Moondrop s8/Blessing 2 or anything similar. I've heard custom IEMs are way better than any of these and wondering for you opinion and what you experience is with them. If so what custom IEMs did you go with and do they match the quality with the brands listed?


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    My first pair of iems was the shure se2 I got way back in 2004 and that basically started me down the the high end earphone/headphone rabbit hole.

    I’ve used top of the line iems from a vast majority of brands out there from the og etymotics to the UE TF10s and more recent Sony’s, to more niche products like the JVC FX wood series. Living in Japan helped with this hobby massively as I was able to spend literally hours in stores demoing stuff to my hearts content.

    In 2017 I finally went with customs and bought a pair of JHA 13V2. The initial outlay of almost 2k aud was definitely a bit tough to justify but it was the right choice because since this purchase, I literally haven’t bought another pair of iems.

    I would say that if at all possible to demo any iem you plan to buy in this high end price range. At the end of the day music and sound signature is an extremely subjective thing and no amount of spec sheets or reviews help IMO. Price is also not a good indicator of SQ. I tried multiple other customs both cheaper and more expensive than the JHAs but the sound signature of these just kept drawing me back.

    • Thanks for the details., I'll defs trial a lot of them before I buy. Seems like everyone has their own preference for sound signature.

      I had Shure se215s and just moving on from them, and went into the ANC side and now back wanting something more. Looking like I'm walking down the same road. Thanks for your experiences.

  • It is all about the fit and I would liken it to shopping for clothes.

    1.Find something that fits you off the rack.
    2. Get a custom fit tailored to you.

    • so would you go for fit>sound in most cases?

      • Depends on you. Most people get an OK fit most of the time. If you aren't like most, try different tips. There are even custom tips.

        Acoustics greatly affects the sound you hear, so fit and sound are like ying and yang, you need both.

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